Google delays Android 11 Announcement amid US Protests

According to the latest news revealed by Google on Twitter, it has delayed the Android 11 Beta announcement for the time being. Google had planned to announce Android 11 on June 3rd, almost a month after it usually releases the latest Android beta versions. But presently, this isn’t happening either. The tweet can be read below;

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The reason being said is because of the recent episodes of protests in Minneapolis and other places due to the brutal murder of George Floyd. Google doesn’t clearly announce the reasons for such decisions, but it is obviously related to the rising events circling the death of Floyd and other unknown black individuals. All of which were killed by police in the past months.

A few weeks before, Google had released its first Android 11 beta version. But that was just an introductory sort of version given to the developers for preview. The official reveal of the latest Android originally occurs in May. And following that, the first beta rolls out within a few months. But due to the novel Coronavirus outbreak that has taken the entire world by storm, many things have changed. Apart from the Android version release, Google cancelled its events including this year’s I/O. Also, the Pixel 4a launch was delayed due to the same reason. But this time, the reason for the delay of Android 11 announcement is clearly due to the US protests.

Android 11 announcement

When to expect the Android 11 Beta Announcement?

As we all knew, Google planned to release the first beta version of Android 11 on Wednesday 3rd June. The launch was also presumed to go along with an all-digital, live-streamed “Beta Launch Show” on June 3. But unexpectedly, this is no longer going to happen. The company hasn’t since then declared of when will they be back with the Android 11 announcement. But for now, it is only being said that they’ll be back soon with more info related to Android 11.

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We’re expecting a lot from the latest Android 11 version this year. It’ll bring a huge number of updates for messaging, built-in screen recording, one-time permissions, preparation of 5G, and adaptation for a wide range of displays now offered by Android smartphones. The first beta version usually offers a bunch of stability updates, more significant features and much more. All of this will be better known and understood when Google finally releases the Android 11 Beta version.

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