PUBG Mobile Jungle Mode is Coming Today with a Lot of New Things

PUBG Mobile is trying to keep fans busy during the lockdown with whole new stuff. “Jungle Mode” is one of them and is expected to roll out today on the PUBG Mobile version. Earlier this month, we have seen a new Royale Pass 13 with 2 new characters (Moniker Ice Ranger & Fire Ranger), new customs, and gun skins.

Apart from that, we have seen some major changes in Miramar Map like Sand Storm, New Race Track, Buildings, Vehicles, and other resources. Similarly, Cheer Park mode is also included where 20 members can hang out in a virtual zone. Have a look at that tweet by PUBG Mobile and then move towards the more detail of Jungle Mode.

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PUBG Mobile Jungle Mode

There is no specific detail revealed by Officials yet regarding the Jungle Mode other than a leaked image. But we could expect various new things from this image for sure. Like Jungle Mode will be included somewhere in Sanhok Map, It will be a part of old classic mode, and there will be a new addition of finding clues and treasures in the jungle.

While finding treasures, players will have to battle enemies to make their survival possible. It will shape the new adventure of jungle warfare with various efforts and strategies to win the game. There may also be totems and air balloons that can be used to analyze the enemy spots. Moreover, this mode update (0.18.0) will also improve the map with some changes and looks.

Well, I am pretty excited to play the new Jungle Mode of PUBG Mobile. As we know that the famous battle royale title PUBG is getting more active players during the lockdown. So, Officials on the other end are also busy in bringing more taste for users. Do share your feedback with me on receiving the Jungle Mode Update.

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