Project Cars 3 Trailer just Released and It’s coming this Summer

Surprisingly, just out of nowhere, developers Slightly Mad Studios has dropped the first and latest trailer of the game “Project Cars 3”. The company confirms that the game is coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PCs this summer. The exact release date of the game isn’t revealed yet, but the developers say that the game will be released in summer 2020. The official Twitter Page of Project Cars announced the news as:

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Get ready to embark on #YourUltimateDriverJourney. Own, upgrade and customize elite-brand cars, personalize your racing hero and battle your way up from weekend warrior to racing legend in #ProjectCARS3. Summer of 2020. PS4, Xbox One, PC.

Watch the trailer below;

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What New to Expect from Project Cars?

In the trailer of Project Cars 3, we can see a lot of new renditions and features from its previous version. The progression systems of the game are something totally new where you will be able to upgrade cars set by step so that they qualify for even faster categories. This means the Mercedes AMG which is seen in the trailer can head through road car race categories, and onto GT race categories. Before this, you could simply just move from one category to the next, but here, that’s not the case.

In Project Cars 3, a lot of overhauled car customization is also featured. This means you’ll be able to swap out your car parts as well as create personalized car liveries using official paints. These paints are combined with race liveries or livery patterns and then embellished with real-world sponsor decals.

“Rivals” An Asynchronous Multiplayer Mode

The game will feature both custom lobbies and quick play races while heading online. There will also be scheduled events with player ratings skill-based matchmaking similar to those found in GT Sport. Another important feature of Project Cars 3 is that it also has a new asynchronous multiplayer mode called Rivals. This game mode is built from the Project Cars 2 Community Events. But this time with more variety and a divisional system wrapped around them.

Project Cars 3

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Either you’re playing single-player, multiplayer, or Rivals, you’ll always be earning XP and credits. With these rewards, you can buy and upgrade new vehicles of your choice.

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