PTA Declares VPN Registration Mandatory for Users

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) nowadays is considering various available sources under legal actions. VPN is one among them, and from now its registration is declared mandatory. Otherwise, users will have to face legal actions taken by authorities. In the past, VPNs remained the cause of grey traffic and illegal voice over IP. So PTA decided to take down its impacts by converting it into the legal ways.

What is VPN.? VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and it works privately by creating a secure connection than other public ones using the internet. So it transmits data through that connection instead of your device or computer. VPN traffic parameters are totally encrypted whether being used on Mobile, Tablets, or Computers. Now let’s move towards further conditions PTA recommends for VPN Registration.

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VPN Registration

VPN Registration

Well, keep in mind that PTA has already blocked 100’s of users not following the registration procedure accordingly. It also includes some number of Corporate users, like Call Centers. Since they use a VPN to change their IPs and show locations from European Countries like the US & UK. It is considered to be an illegal act and violates PTA policies.

Use of any mode of communication such as VPN by means of which communication becomes hidden or encrypted is a violation of PTA regulations. Users which are required to use VPN for their legitimate purposes must register their VPN with PTA through their respective Internet Service Provider till 30-06-2020.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has given a deadline till 30-June-2020 for VPN Registration. Users can contact their Internet Service Provider to complete the process of registration. It’s not over yet, PTA may take the legal action against users not following the new policy. So from now, avoid any kind of activity using a VPN that is violating PTA rules.

PTA has issued a notice to all the Internet Service Providers for conveying the message to their users for VPN Registration. 22 Days are still remaining for completing the registration. If you really want to avoid any action by the PTA side, do register your VPNs. I hope you liked today’s topic and it remained informative for you all.

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