Google for Startups – Join the Online Accelerator Program from Pakistan

Where a large number of tech companies are remaking their strategies to overcome the impacts of pandemic on businesses. There, Search Engine Giant Google is also concerned about the Tech Startups struggling during the current crisis. So, Google for Startups announces a 3 months Online Accelerator Program for early-stage Startups. Tech Startups from 7 Countries including Pakistan are eligible to apply for this program. While startups from Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam are also eligible.

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Vision of Google for Startups

Well, Google for Startups basically focuses on providing assistance to new startups. The program helps startups to sort out the technical challenges and polish them to grow in a competitive industry. Moreover, Google in future interlinks the startups meeting its standard with industry experts to develop more smoothly.

The Last Date to apply for the Program is the 19th of July. While the Starting Date for the online Accelerator Program will be from August 11th to November 12th. While there will be a Bootcamp too from September 7th to September 10th. Moreover, there will also be a Graduation week for startups at the ending week of the program.

Google for Startups

Program Manager at Google, Thye Yeow Bok said, “Applications are now open for Google for Startups Accelerator: Southeast Asia. This year, we are also inviting startup entrepreneurs from Pakistan, particularly the ones who are resolving today’s socio-economic issues in key sectors like; healthcare, education, finance, or logistics.”

Thye Yeow Bok said more “Use of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning or Data Analysis is being encouraged, to enable smooth functioning of industries while ensuring social distancing, as per WHO regulations/restrictions. This will make the world more inclusive, even for the elderly and people with disabilities.”

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