iPhone 12 may have No Inbox Accessories

It’s not exactly confirmed yet, but official sources have claimed that iPhone 12 will have no inbox accessories. Like charger, lightning cable, and earbuds, etc which we had in the previous model iPhones.

It’s not good news for Apple fans to miss this all stuff. But there are many reasons behind which we could conclude. Like company is trying to balance iPhone 12 price no more than iPhone 11.

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Moreover, there will be a smaller box size which will have an impact on shipping cost too. This step will also cut off the cost factors for the 5G model iPhone. So users will have to keep some dollars aside for purchasing iPhone 12 accessories.

Apart from that, these accessories will be available on Apple stores where there are no chances of compromising on quality. I really did not understand the logic of this decision especially by Apple but they can do everything.

Have a look at what iOS expert & developer tweeted

So yea, users will have to purchase them separately on a discounted rate from Apple Stores. The 20W charger is expected to cost users $63 & the rest of the other accessories depend on the user’s own choice.

Apple probably will announce the iPhone 12 series somewhere in September. While the current strategy (if confirmed) Apple is planning to adopt is not without any reason. We may expect a bigger change with this all.

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