PTA Finally Banned PUBG Mobile in Pakistan

Rumors turned out to be true and Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has decided to temporarily ban PUBG Mobile Game in Pakistan. No doubt, It’s sad news for the whole gaming community of Pakistan.

But in response to some previous complaints, including a case where a child committed suicide because of mission failure in PUBG. There were also a few complaints about the game’s impacts on mental and physical health.

PTA finally has decided to end this all. So from now, we are no more able to access PUBG servers anymore. A few hours ago, I was reading some posts by gamers on Social Media and I did not believe that. But after checking the game personally, those posts came true.

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Ban on PUBG Mobile
Source: PTA

As we know, there is a huge Gaming Community in Pakistan. Some of them are professional players as well as regular streamers. They are earning money through the live streaming of PUBG Mobile. Sudden Ban on Game may impact them badly in terms of finances.

To be honest, I am not in favor of this step taken by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). There should be strict parental control on their children in case they found gaming harmful to them. Gaming nowadays is not only gaming but also a career for gamers.

Not only that, the gaming industry is also making a huge profit in return. So how a number of few complaints can be the reason behind the ban on PUBG Mobile.? I hope the authorities will rethink their decision and will soon uplift the ban on PUBG Mobile.

Uzair Khan Jadoon

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