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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockdown – A Mini Game Battle Royale Title Coming in August

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Fall Guys Mini Game

NOTE: Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockdown is coming on PS4 & Steam.

When we hear the word Battle Royale, our minds tend towards the game titles like PUBG, Call of Duty, and Fortnite. But this time, we are going to see something family-friendly. Where there will be no violence, no gunfights, and no intense situation. Instead, you will be fighting with colorful fruits falling from here and there.

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Mediatonic and Devolver have announced Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockdown free for PS4 & Steam. This title is basically Mini-Game Battle Royale Title, coming on August 4. There will be only 60 players in each battle royale mode. So, fans have to wait less than a month to enjoy this fruitful game. Have a look at the gameplay video,

Source: DevolverDigital

Mediatonic also announced that there will be 25 more mini-games at launch. While we can clearly see some of those environments in video footage. The last man standing will be rewarded with special skins, customs, and many other options. Moreover, there will be seasonal updates from time to time released by the company.

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