Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is Coming to PC on August 18

Get yourselves ready for a professional takeoff, as Xbox Game Studios and Asobo Studio have shared the release date of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Yup, it will release on PC in the mid of next month (August 18th). After its pre-alpha build, Flight Simulator took almost one and a half years in full completion.

There will be 3 editions of the game including Standard Edition ($59.99), Deluxe Edition ($89.99), and Premium Deluxe Edition ($119.99). The Standard Edition will have 20 Planes and 30 Airports. Deluxe Edition will have 25 Planes and 35 Airports. Similarly, Premium Deluxe Edition will have 30 Planes and 40 Airports.

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If you are willing to experience the real-life taste of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Pre-order the game today for Windows with the help of Xbox Game Pass for PC (Beta). Microsoft has developed this game at an advanced level, as it includes a lot of features, real maps, and a highly detailed environment both in planes and outside.

Microsoft Flight Simulator
Source: Microsoft

Users will experience live air traffic, day/night mode, and weather changes accordingly. A proper mechanism of guidelines from beginner to pro-level will be also available through the checklist system. Moreover, there will be a unique view on the ground from the sky, blinking lights at night time while greenery, cities, water, and running animals during the day time.

Recommended System Requirement for the Game

Well, Microsoft Flight Simulator needs a high-end gaming machine to run smoothly. It will require, Ryzen 7 Pro 2700X or Intel i7-9800X as CPU, AMD Radeon VII or Nvidia RTX 2080 as GPU and 32 GB of RAM. Apart from that, you will need to have a stable fast internet speed up to 50 Mbps along with 150 GB of free storage on Disk.

Microsoft Flight Simulator
Source: Microsoft

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