We may Expect Lifting Ban on PUBG Mobile Soon in Pakistan

Well, It seems to be the final moments now where Pakistan may lose PUBG Mobile forever or will be able to play it again. Because Islamabad High Court under the supervision of Justice Amir Farooq has reserved the final verdict regarding PUBG Mobile.

While we heard about some detailed conversation between Respected Judge & Lawyer. Justice Amir Farooq questioned PTA about the legal reasons behind the ban on PUBG Mobile in Pakistan. He also mentioned that such a decision means we should ban all the other games too.

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PUBG Mobile in Pakistan
Source: Geo News

PTA Lawyer in response to these questions answered that the game includes Non-Islamic Content. Parents complained about the behavioral change in their children. Law Enforcement Agencies also complained against PUBG Game. Amir Farooq again questioned that, PTA should have taken advice from Psychologist.

PTA seems to be confused again here with no solid reasons behind this ban. While putting a ban on games in such a way is also out of track. We may expect the final decision in favor of PUBG Fans as the remarks of Justice Amir Farooq are indicating so. But still we have to wait for final decision to be announced.

Share your thoughts with us about the expected decision. While I personally think that PTA will unban PUBG Mobile in Pakistan. Stay tuned with Maticstoday for the latest news about the final decision.

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