PUBG Season 8 will bring an Improved Sanhok Map & Other Interesting Updates

The PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), known to be the pioneer of battle royale game genre is here to celebrate the milestone of 70 million lifetime sales. To celebrate this achievement in the most exciting way, it is bringing back the Sanhok map in its latest Season 8. Not only this, but the PUBG Season 8 is bringing completely new locations, updates of players’ favorite spots, and a few new surprises.

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Improved Sanhok Map

Sanhok is considered to be one of the PUBG’s oldest maps. This map for released about two years ago and was the third battle royale map of PUBG, while being the first to shift the size of the battlefield. Sanhok map is considered a more deadly and faster-paced map. Because it’s size is 4×4, quite smaller than the 8×8 sizes of other maps of the game, Erangel, and Miramar. According to the PUBG Corporation, most of the prominent features and towns of the Sanhok map will be re-changed in the PUBG Season 8. But the size and pace of the map is one thing that will remain the same as before.

Here’s a sneak peek of the upcoming update:

Source: PUBG

Typically when survivors drop into the jungle of Sanhok, they’ll discover that almost everything has been rebuilt. Whether you look at the structure, tree, rock, and material of the map, everything is updated. Also, you’ll see that many locations on the map have had substantial design and art upgrades. And finally, famous locations like Boot Camp, Ruins, Pai Nan, Khao, and Quarry will also see some major design and feature upgrades. In short, PUBG players will get to play a deadly version of the Sanhok map in the latest Season 8 of PUBG.

PUBG Season 8

Last but not at least, PUBG developers have added a new tourist town “Getaway,” and Bootcamp “Airfield”. This town addition is great for gamers that are keen on exploring new and hidden areas around the island.

Other Updates of PUBG Season 8

Apart from the revamped locations and reworked Sanhok map, there’re other exciting additions to the PUBG Season 8. These are:

  • Improved Jerry Cans: In the latest Season 8 of PUBG, Improved Jerry Cans are returning with some revisions. PUBG players can now throw the entire bundles at enemies. Or they can also pour gas on the ground and light it on fire.
  • Loot Truck: Loot Trucks are autonomous cargo transports driving the roads on Sanhok. It offers players to a new way to acquire gear by damaging the vehicles to force them to drop loot as they drive in the Sanhok map. If destroyed, the players will be awarded a large truck of loot and weapons.
  • Confiscated Weapons: Players while playing PUBG who destroy loot trucks will be awarded fully customized weapons. This will be the first time when players will be allowed to pick up the weapons that come with unique skins and pre-installed attachments.
  • New Ranked Season: The New Ranked Season will also come with the update 8.1. It’ll carry Ranked Point acquisition changing to account for team placement. And also, it will add the Vikendi Map to the Ranked map rotation.
  • Survivor Pass: Players will also get a large number of new skins to earn as they explore the improvised paradise of Sanhok.

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PUBG Season 8

PUBG Season 8 will launch for PC via Steam on July 22. While for Xbox One, PS4, and Stadia, the update 8.1 will be available by July 30.

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