After PUBG Mobile TikTok is at Risk of Ban in Pakistan

Well, it somehow suits the condition where we can say that TikTok is the root behind vulgar content, death of youngsters, and many other irrelevant activities. Especially PTA should consider this all a solid reason to ban TikTok in Pakistan.

Similarly, a citizen filed a petition against the TikTok app in Civil High Court writing that it has become a cause of death for more than 10 youngsters. It also contains leaked scandal videos and inappropriate types of content to get fame and likes.

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TikTok Ban

Ban TikTok In Pakistan

Advocate Nadeem Sarwar is presenting this case on behalf of that citizen. According to him, Case is undergoing so far and may get huge importance in further hearings. Presenting as a solid reason, he also mentioned the other countries like Malaysia and Bangladesh where there is a ban on TikTok application.

Keep in Mind: Recently, India also banned TikTok but as a result of conflicts with China. While the USA is also planning to ban this Video App.

Other than that, DIG Punjab Police Ashfaq Ahmad Khan also has the same point of view. He said, “I request the cybercrime wing of the Federal Investigation Agency to look into the matters and immediately impose a ban on the video-sharing mobile application”. Soon Punjab Police will submit an application against TikTok covering its negative impacts.

So, my personal opinion also supports the above reasons. Unfortunately, such bans only relate to the game industry where a single complaint may lead a game (PUBG Mobile) towards a ban. While the case presenters themselves don’t have enough homework to prove their points accordingly. Share your personal thoughts with us regarding the ban on TikTok app.

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Note That: I shared my personal point of view with audience based on reality. I am not against the TikTok nor in favor of PUBG Mobile.

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