Nuclear Security Index 2020 ranks Pakistan as the Most Improved Country

A leading US non-proliferation watchdog named Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) has ranked Pakistan as the most improved in nuclear security. Pakistan has improved in the security of those countries holding nuclear materials, improving its overall score by seven points. The NTI said in its annual report;

Pakistan’s improvements in the Security and Control Measures category are significant. It’s because strengthened laws and regulations result in durable boosts in Pakistan’s score. As well as it provides sustainable security benefits.

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The NTI Nuclear Security Index is basically a public benchmarking project. It looks at the nuclear security conditions on a country-by-country basis in 176 countries. It also assesses the security and handling of some of the world’s most deadly materials that are Uranium and Plutonium used for the making of nuclear weapons.

A retired US career diplomat named Laura E Kennedy too commended on the improvement of Pakistan in nuclear security. She said, “One welcome bit of news reported by #NTIindex is that #Pakistan ranked as most improved in the security of those countries holding nuclear materials.” She shared her thoughts through her Twitter handle.

Pakistan improves by +7 Points

On the whole, Pakistan ranked 19th on the list with 47 points. On the other hand, India ranked one place below Pakistan i.e. at 20th spot with 41 points. According to the NTI Nuclear Security Index 2020 report, most of the improvement was seen in the Security and Control Measures category which was increased by 25 points. This improvement was all due to the passage of new regulations in Pakistan regarding nuclear security. Pakistan has significantly shown an increase in the improvement of security measures over the years.

Pakistan has steadily improved in the Security and Control Measures category over time with the passage of new regulations. It improved by +8 in 2014, +2 in 2016, and +6 in 2018 and now with +7 in 2020.

Also, Asad Majeed, Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US said:

We welcome that NTI categorizes Pakistan as the most improved country for nuclear security measures in its Nuclear Security Index 2020. Pakistan’s improvement is also the second-largest ever by a country since the NTI Index was launched in 2012.

Pakistan’s rank in Other Categories

Pakistan’s score on “Sabotage: Protect Facilities” is given below:

  1. Number of sites: 80
  2. Security and Control Measure: 56
  3. Global Norms: 58
  4. Domestic Commitment and Capacity: 89
  5. Risk Environment: 16
Pakistan Nuclear Security

Pakistan is ranked 33rd in the latest rankings with an overall position of 58. This is an improvement with +5 points from that of the 2018 rankings.

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On the other hand, Pakistan’s score for “Theft: Secure Materials” in different categories are as follows:

  1. Quantities and Sites: 19
  2. Security and Control Measure: 57
  3. Risk Environment: 16
  4. Global Norms: 45
  5. Domestic Commitment and Capacity: 16
Pakistan Nuclear Security

The overall score for Pakistan stood at 47, which shows an increase in 7 points from 2018. Moreover, the NTI 2020 rank for Pakistan is 19th as per the latest report.

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