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You will be able to Lock Facebook Messenger App on iPhone/iPad soon

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Facebook Messenger App Lock

Facebook has introduced a new security feature called “App Lock” for its messenger app. But right now, it will be available only for the iPhone and iPad users. While we may expect this feature soon on android devices. As many other Facebook-Owned apps already have app lock features.

App Lock will help users to keep their inbox conversation safe and secure from others. Even after unlocking the phone, there will be further safeties to access user personal data by someone else. Because this lock will be using Face ID or Touch ID to open the Messenger App.

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Facebook Messenger App Lock

How to App Lock Facebook Messenger.?

Well, to enable this new security feature, simply open Facebook Messenger App. Then tap on your profile in the upper left corner, you will see various options there. Tap on the Privacy option, you will see the new App Lock option inside it. Tap on it and set the type of security choosing Face ID or Touch ID. Finally, select the number of minutes or seconds to lock the messenger app. Save and Apply these settings and enjoy a layer of strong security over your messenger app.

Apart from this App Lock Feature on Facebook Messenger, Facebook also indicated some more future updates. Where they are planning to roll out the features that will allow users to select the people who can or can not Call/Message them directly. Moreover, there will be proper control of users over its messenger where there will be blurred image or content on first if an unknown person sends you that. If you don’t accept that message request, image or content will not be opened.

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So we can say that Facebook Messenger with App Lock is a great advancement towards improved security features by Facebook. If you liked the post, do share it in your social circle and leave feedback for us in the comments section below. Stay tuned with for more related updates on a daily basis.

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