PTA vs IHC – PUBG Mobile is becoming a Conflict in Pakistan

Nobody imagined that a video game could lead institutes towards such a controversy in Pakistan. Where Islamabad High Court (IHC) ordered PTA to unblock PUBG Mobile on an immediate basis. There PTA after the 3 days of the court order is on a stance that they will continue this ban until resolving the matters with PUBG Officials. So it is leading the situation towards PTA vs IHC conflicts. Not only that, the PUBG Fans on Twitter are also on fire with hashtags on trending like #imrankhanPUBGkholo.

The majority of PUBG Players are against this ban and PTA to not follow the orders of Islamabad High Court (IHC). Because it’s not a matter of Gaming only, many people were earning a stable amount of money through PUBG Streaming. While the imposed ban also became a cause for the Pakistani Team to not participate in the PUBG World League. Moreover, some of the Government Officials are also against this ban saying that it may take the country back in the race of technological developments.

Gamers now on Twitter are expecting PM Imran Khan to take notice of the current situation. Because Imran Khan has a keen interest in developing Pakistan as a Digital Country. While the Game Industry is one of those contributors to make Pakistan technologically developed for which Imran Khan dreamed. But so far, Imran Khan is not taking interest in interfering between PTA vs IHC matters. Have a look at what PUBG lovers are saying on the Twitter Platform.

NOTE: Indian Government is also thinking about banning PUBG Mobile Game in India. But as a result of their ongoing tensions with China in the Ladakh area. Before that, the Indian Government also imposed a ban on various Chinese mobile apps including famous TikTok.

Uzair Khan Jadoon

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