Huawei becomes the World’s Biggest Smartphone Vendor overtaking Samsung and Apple

According to the latest report from the analyst firm named Canalys, Huawei becomes the world’s biggest smartphone vendor overtaking Samsung and Apple. For the first time in the past few years, Huawei has delivered more smartphones worldwide over a quarter than any other smartphone company. Huawei for a long time has had ambitions to overtake Samsung as the leading smartphone vendor. But Samsung always topped it due to its enormous amount of shipping worldwide. However, Huawei this time according to the number by Canalys has become the world’s biggest smartphone vendor during the April-June period this year.

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How Huawei became the World’s Biggest Smartphone Vendor?

Well, Huawei only for the time being is at the top, and it won’t stay there for long. It is because we all know that the results were clearly influenced by the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. According to the reports, Huawei distributed 55.8 million devices while Samsung distributed 53.7 million devices in the second quarter of 2020.

Huawei’s smartphone shipping went down by 27 percent year-on-year. While on the other hand, Samsung slid 30 percent down than the last year. More than 70 percent of smartphones by Huawei is now sold in China. This means that it has not been hit as hard by COVID-19 as many of Samsung’s major markets have. Samsung on the other hand has had many worldwide sales but is a tiny player in China.

World's Biggest Smartphone Vendor

A spokesperson by Huawei said;

Our business has demonstrated exceptional resilience in these difficult times. Amidst a period of unprecedented global economic slowdown and challenges. We’re continued to grow and further our leadership position. That’ll be possible by providing innovative products and experience to consumers.

Canalys senior analyst Ben Stanton says;

This is a remarkable result that few people would have predicted a year ago. If it wasn’t for COVID-19, it wouldn’t have happened. Huawei has taken full advantage of the Chinese economic recovery to reignite its smartphone business.

It won’t stay at Top for Long!

Well talking about Huawei smartphones, it’s hardware is really impressive and attractive. But still, Huawei phones are now hard to sell to most consumers outside China because they are unable to use Google Services. To conclude, it is difficult for Huawei to stay in the first spot for a long time. It is because once the global smartphone demand recovers, Samsung will leave behind Huawei in sales.

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Samsung already said that it expects better sales next quarter due to the new flagship phone launches. Huawei’s continued growth in its home-country shows that external pressures aren’t yet posing an existential threat to its consumer businesses. If it is still a threat globally, it’s certainly not at home for the least.

Via: The Verge

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