Huawei will Announce Kirin 9000 Chipset at IFA 2020 on September 3rd

According to Official Sources, Huawei is going to hold a press conference at IFA 2020 Berlin on September 3rd. Where Company will announce the Huawei Kirin 9000 Chipset along with other products.

IFA basically is a trade show for announcing computer technology, consumer electronics, and home appliances by top brands. Companies announce their upcoming new products at IFA.

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Huawei Kirin 9000 Chipset

The Kirin 9000 in actual has some notable qualities to become a highlighted topic in the Tech Industry. So every related platform is writing about it. Although we have not exact full information, but still have some stuff to write.

First of all, Kirin 9000 will be the world’s first chipset having 5nm (nanometer) technology. TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) is the main manufacturer behind this flagship chipset.

Moreover, Kirin 9000 will feature 5G technology, AI processing attributes, Powerful Neural Processing Unit (NPU), and GPU performance. This chipset may possibly be the last Kirin Processor in the market by Huawei.

As we know that because of ongoing conflicts between China & the USA, tech companies are also facing difficulties. So, Huawei has to face certain business sanctions with companies in the United States.

From September 15, Huawei will be no more able to acquire technologies from US Companies. TSMC is one among them that came under the zone of sanctions. So before 15, Huawei can announce Kirin 9000 chipset.

So let’s wait for September 3rd, I will update the same post with more details about the Kirin 9000 chipset. According to some sources, keeping in mind the future plans. Huawei will get in touch with 3rd party chip sellers.

At IFA 2020, Huawei will also announce Mate40 Series. Expected to come into 3 model numbers like OCE-AN00, NOH-AN00, and NOP-AN00. This series will feature Kirin 9000 flagship chipset at their hearts.

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