WhatsApp Vacation Mode is Coming Soon to let You Permanently Mute Archived Chats

In the year 2020, we’ve seen that WhatsApp has already released a swathe of quite useful updates for Android and iOS users. The updates included Dark Mode, Animated Stickers, Group Video Calls, and much more. But there’s something more than this that WhatsApp is working on. According to the latest reports by WABetainfo, WhatsApp is working on the long-waited “Vacation Mode”. This feature will let users mute their archive chats permanently without them being scrolled up all over again.

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WhatsApp Vacation mode feature is something that has been in the rumors for the past two years. Not only this, but there was enough evidence to prove that the messaging app company was working on it. But now thanks to WABetainfo, we know that the Vacation Mode is about to be rolled out soon. For now, this feature will only be available for WhatsApp Android users. Although the company has been seen in quite the works for developing this feature. It is still not clear when this update will be rolled out for the end-users. However, apart from its rolling out, the bigger question here is what Vacation mode exactly is and how will it let users ignore their archive chats forever?

What is WhatsApp Archived Chats?

For those who don’t know what Whatsapp Archived Chats actually is, let me let you know a little about it. Archive chats for WhatsApp Android users or Archive chats for WhatsApp iPhone users is a feature that allows you to hide an individual or group chat from your chats list.

If you want to archive a chat on WhatsApp you simply have to go the Chats Tab, tap, and hold the chat you want to hide. Tap the Archive Button placed at the top of the screen, and your desired chat will be archived. The archived chat on WhatsApp won’t just simply vanish away. But it’ll be placed at the bottom of the chats list.

Now what used to happen before was when you’d get a message from the archived chat, that chat would undesirably pop up to the top of the list. This, however, defeats the purpose of archiving the chat in the first place. But now with the help of WhatsApp Vacation Mode 2020, there will certainly be a change by ignoring the archived chats hidden forever according to your choice.

How can you Ignore Archived Chats with WhatsApp Vacation Mode?

Vacation mode will prove to be quite helpful for those who have archived some of their WhatsApp chats. This feature was under development for over a year now. During the times of its development, it was also called ‘Ignore Archived Chats’ in some prior WhatsApp Beta versions.

Now with the latest WhatsApp Ignore Archived Chat feature or the now said Vacation Mode feature, you will be able to leave the option of keeping the archived chats at the bottom of your archived messages inbox even when a new message arrives from the sender. Being a WhatsApp Android user, you’ll have the choice of either enabling this. Or letting archived chats pop up to the top of the screen as a new message arrives from the sender.

WhatsApp Vacation Mode
Source: WABetainfo

WABetainfo’s website also mentions that once the WhatsApp Vacation Mode is released, it’ll have a dedicated section that will be present on the Chat Window’s top. By tapping on the Vacation Mode section, users will be able to see their archived chats along with a Notification button. WhatsApp Android users will be able to customize the section according to their choice.

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For now, there is no confirmed date on when the WhatsApp vacation mode will be rolled out for users around the globe. But as we know that the update is being beta tested. The official release of the Ignore Archived Chat 2020 update will be close. Well according to me, Vacation Mode will be really helpful. As it’ll let users mute their archived chats forever according to their choice. We won’t be irritated anymore by the WhatsApp archived chats popping up again and again.

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