Airpods Pro are Available at the Lowest Price ever at Amazon only for $199

Great news for TWS earbud lovers as Airpods Pro is available at the lowest price ever only for $199 at Amazon. You can now head over to the Amazon website to buy the best earbuds at the cheapest price we’ve ever seen. We had seen on 13 September that Staples had discounted the true wireless earbuds to $199. And now, Amazon has dropped down the price of Airpods Pro by 20 percent at an all-time low $199 price.

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AirPods Pro Price Amazon

Features and Specs of Airpods Pro

These are the best wireless earbuds from Apple you can buy right now that too on a discounted price. Let me illustrate some of the exceptional features of the Apple Airpods Pro that you won’t get in any other earbuds.

1. Active Noise Cancellation

Apple Airpods Pro is known to have excellent and powerful noise cancellation features. These earphones have adopted the Active Noise Cancellation feature in a more improved form. This feature lets the microphone on the outer side of the earbuds to detect surrounding noise and stop reaching it towards the ears. Apart from that, the Noise Cancellation of Airpods Pro is continuously adapted at 200 times per second for perfectly immersive sound.

2. Design of Airpods Pro

Airpods Pro offers both classic and latest sort of implementations. They have an in-ear design, also known as Universal Fit. They also have customizable silicon ear tips that ensure more comfort level than any other TWS earbuds present in the market. The Apple Airpods Pro ear tips come in three different sizes i.e. Small, Medium, and Large to provide maximum comfort and ease.

AirPods Pro Price Amazon

3. Audio Transparency Mode

Airpods Pro features Audio Transparency Mode that allows you to listen to the nearby environment. Obviously it wouldn’t be a clean and clear sound, but it’ll be enough to listen to sirens, horns, or anyone talking to you. Moreover, the earbuds use a set of microphones to detect and send nearby sound towards your ear. You can either select the Noise Cancellation or Audio Transparency Mode with the help of sensors on the Apple Airpod Pro.

4. Battery Life

The battery life of the Apple Airpods Pro is more than 24 hours. Apart from that, the wireless charging case of the earbuds delivers more than 24 hours of battery life. The Airpods Pro earbuds are compatible with any Qi-certified chargers.

5. Sweat and Weather Resistant

Airpods Pro uses the IPX4 rating that makes it water and sweat resistant. So you can use them while exercising or going out in the rain, it won’t harm your earbuds.

6. Sensors and Touch Control

AirPods Pro earbuds have various touch and control sensors providing better ease of use. Like pause/play music, Siri activation, answering a call, shuffling the music by tapping side button sensors. Similarly, there is also an option for music sharing from an Apple device to multiple Apple devices. This combination of several touch and control options has added more value to the quality of this product.

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These are some of the fantastic features that I’ve shared with you that are absolutely unique when it comes to wireless earbuds. We’ve seen the Airpods Pro drop to $220 a while back, but a sale price under $200 for them is too rare. Apart from this, Amazon has also put a sale on the standard Airpods available at $129, but the deal has been hanging around or a while now. So, if you want the best earbuds present in the market at the moment, then you should certainly buy the Apple Airpods Pro from Amazon at a price of $199 as soon as possible.

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