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You’ll be able to Pre-order PS5 Consoles on GameStop US, Walmart Canada, and Game UK Today

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PS5 Pre-Order GameStop

For all the video game lovers, who couldn’t pre-order Sony’s PlayStation last week, there’s another chance. A famous retailer in the US, GameStop has revealed via a Tweet on Thursday that it’ll offer more pre-order of Sony’s PS5 on Friday 25 September i.e. today.

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Yes, you heard that right, the retailer took to Twitter to announce that they’ll be offering more Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive PS5 consoles that retail at $499. The date was revealed by the retailer but the exact time wasn’t told. You’ll be able to pre-order the next-gen PS5 consoles both online and in GameStop stores today. If you visit the physical store, you can either pay for your PS5 in full or drop a $50 down payment to make sure you get one confirmed.

In the US, GameStop will have more PS5 consoles to pre-order. While in the UK, Game has said that it’ll have new PS5 consoles to pre-order today but only online. Also, the good news for the people in Canada is that they will be able to pre-order PS5 consoles through Walmart.

We have heard of this latest news regarding the pre-orders, however, we haven’t seen any pre-orders go live. Apart from that, no exact time also was revealed by these retailers when the consoles will be ready to pre-order. Talking about the first wave of the pre-orders that hit live last week. It didn’t go well seriously. Many customers hit technical snags trying to secure a pre-order of PlayStation 5 console.

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But thanks to GameStop, Walmart, and Game retailers, people will be able to pre-order PS5 consoles. The PlayStation 5 console will officially be available from November 12, 2020.

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