Best 3D Mouse for CAD You Can Buy This Year

Designing and 3D Modeling requires some advanced level of accuracy. While it can be only possible when you are using a compatible type of mouse. As it matters a lot to get a standard performance and productivity. But what about choosing the relevant mouse.? A mouse that can be the best option for CAD (Computer-Aided Design).

Don’t you worry and leave this task for me, as I have gathered a list of some best-performing 3D mice for designing work. It will enable smoothness in your work and will save a lot of precious time with its ultra level of navigation. So, without any time waste let’s move forward and have a look at what I have enlisted for you people.

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Best 3D Mouse for CAD

1: Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse

Well, we can call this gadget the best CAD Mouse of its time. Logitech MX Master is a wireless mice offering a tremendous design, solid grip and comfortable use. It features 2 scrolling wheels one on thumb side and other on the default position.

If we talk about the further specifications, it is compatible to pair with three devices at a time like Windows and MAC using its wireless Bluetooth technology. Smoothness and ultra response level are its main attributes.

Another notable feature of this mouse is its sensor tracking that can work on glass surface too. Moreover, the charging span is also tremendous where a single charge can serve you for 40 long days.


  • 40 Days Charging
  • Responsive Sensor
  • Double Scrolling Wheel
  • Comfortable Use & Strong Grip


  • Gesture Button Placement

2: Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball Mouse

The reason behind such a fame of this wireless 3D mouse is its trackball feature. Here, no longer you need to move your mouse towards a specific point on screen. Just control everything with your thumb over the trackball.

It also includes a default scrolling wheel and back/forward button. Design is pretty eye catchy and built material is pretty solid. Hand grip is also well enough to keep your working hours totally comfortable.

Other than that, Logitech M570 features space friendly operations utilizing its trackball. So you don’t require a space for moving the mouse. While you can connect this mouse with up to 6 devices like PC, MAC, and Keyboards etc. Battery performance is also tremendous which you don’t need to change for almost 18 months.


  • Trackball
  • Long Life Battery
  • Back/Forward Button
  • Attractive Design
  • Space Friendly


  • Not any Notable

3: Aurtec Vertical Mouse

Just look at the beautiful design of this mouse. While I would say it the best mouse for CAD which features comfort, smoothness, strong grip, and, work accuracy in its operations. It works simply with plug and play method, you don’t need to install any software or drivers.

Aurtec Vertical Mouse offers six operational buttons that makes its usage pretty easy. Battery life is also well enough and rechargeable. It can survive for longer hours without any issues. Where you don’t need to purchase the battery again.

Moreover, the Company has also included the power saving mode in this mouse. Where it will automatically sleep after 8 minutes of stand-by time. Just click any button and that’s all, it will be ready again to serve you. This CAD mouse is compatible with Windows Operating Systems.


  • Eye Catchy Design
  • 6 Operational Buttons
  • Power Saving Mode
  • Plug & Play


  • Not Compatible with MAC

4: Evoluent VM4R Vertical Mouse

Easy but strong enough grip is a well known title of this best CAD Mouse. It features pointer speed indicator, in the form of green LED lights, various operational buttons, and plug and play compatibility.

If we talk about the comfort level while using this mouse, it is just great. You will never tired of using this tremendous device. It offers standard smoothness, accuracy of work, and solid built quality.

By nature, it is a wired mouse and compatible with Windows operating system and MAC operating system. It is also compatible with third party mouse software for doing customization and other adjustments accordingly.


  • Strong Grip
  • Pointer Speed Indicators
  • 6 Operational Buttons
  • A Unique Design


  • Not any Notable

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