Best Professional Physical Therapy TENS Unit To Buy This Year

Looking for a drug-free solution for relieving chronic pain without a prescription? Get the benefits of the Professional Physical Therapy TENS Unit to relax the overworked muscles. Also, boost blood circulation throughout the body in the comfort of your room. These portable, safe, and FDA-approved devices work by sending electrical pulses through the sticky pads attached to the affected area. Moreover, TENS devices help to block the pain signal reaching the brain and in return release a chemical, endorphin. Just for the feeling of well-being! The size of the TENS Unit helps to treat the sensitive and hard-to-reach body areas like shoulders, lower back, and joints on the go.

Additional features of the Best Tens unit include built-in modes for varying pain intensities, adjustable power levels, wireless connectivity, and auto-syncing. Medical experts have reported that such devices use non-invasive ways to cure different types of pain. It includes arthritis, menstrual cramps, carpal tunnel syndrome, lower back, and foot pain effectively.

Our Top-Rated Picks

So if you have never bought any pain management device, make sure to clear the misconception first. All TENS devices have the same functionality. Absolutely NOT! When assessing the merits of the Professional Physical Therapy TENS Unit, look for a range of options. Briefly, signal frequency, programmability, portability, and price. An added feature and most probably the last consideration is the battery life. Want to know why? Because some devices come with AA/AAA or others with rechargeable batteries. Changing the battery weekly on monthly could be burdensome for the sufferers. Let’s take a deep dive to explore the best TENS unit available in the market.

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iReliev iRnew Plus Muscle Relaxation

Our ever-popular pick from iReliev (a brand known for developing electrotherapy gadgets and wellness products to improve human lifestyle) is the iRenew Plus, offering dynamic features and a whooping 16 modes (6 EMS & 8 TENS). One admirable attribute is the dual functionality of TENS and EMS in a single device that aids in speedy pain recovery and better muscle stimulation.

Moreover, the well-designed and compact device allows selecting the treatment time and pain intensity level with a touch of a button. A great feature not to overlook is the wireless connectivity that makes it suitable to use while at work. Additionally, you can adjust the time from 5-60mins according to the targeted area on the easy-to-read back-lit display. This display helps in viewing the modes in darker and lighter environments.

The professional-grade device features a P8 program that is perfect for athletes who are looking for a way to heal post-workout pain. Also, it comes with a handful of additional accessories including a user manual, lead wires, sticky pads, and a belt clip for user convenience.


  • Lightweight
  • Dual functionality TENS+EMS
  • 25 intensity levels
  • Protective coating


  • Not ideal for rehabilitating patients
  • Costly

iSTIM EV-805 TENS Device

A step further to our other top pick is the feature-rich iSTIM EV-805 TENS unit that offers 4 channels in one compact device instead of 2. It has a great potential to stimulate nerve fibers and relieve pain from the neck, joints, and lower back.  

Interestingly, the electrode pads with bio-compatible gel effectively send stable pulses, in return enhancing the production of endorphins. This high-grade gel with super-soft fabric and carbon film best suits the irritated and sensitive skin type that gives a competitive edge. In addition to long battery life, it has 8 modes in total (5 TENS/3EMS), and 24 presets for fully custom-made functionality.

The belt clip or rubber corners makes it travel-friendly wherever you go. Nevertheless, it comes equipped with 2 sealable bags, 4 leads, 1 protective case, USB charger, and adhesive pads. Tens unit placement chart aids in finding the correct intensity mode for treating specific areas of the body.


  • Offers 4 channels at a time
  • Japanese gel pads effective for all skin type
  • Rechargeable battery


  • Comes with wires
  • Pricey

TechCare Plus 24 Muscle Stimulator

What’s better than this budget-friendly Techcare TENS device without compromising the features. it’s worth it! Jumping towards the impressive features of this handy device. Firstly, it gives complete control to the user because of the 24 adjustable massage modes and touchscreen capabilities.

The two differently sized electrode channels, A/B buttons on the screen, and 20 hours of battery life make it superior. Besides being truly compact and effective, it is also more cost-effective than its rivals.

It comes without a carrying case and other accessories so you have to spend an extra penny for getting them. Undeniably, Tens unit shoulder placement effectively relaxes the shoulder instability and tendon tear and gives a soothing effect.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Touchscreen with A/B buttons
  • Long battery-span


  • No carry-on case
  • Extremely powerful at high intensity

Final Verdict

Keeping things simple, the Professional Physical Therapy TENS Unit has gained huge momentum during the past years. Although it doesn’t cure the actual cause rather it helps to minimize the pain by sending electrical impulses and producing the natural pain-relieving chemical, Endorphin. Further, the performance of these portable health gadgets depends upon the manufacturing, electrodes placement, and several modes. But for sure, they provide a non-invasive way of treating acute and chronic pain.

It’s worth considering the price and the features it covers while making a purchase. And if you’re using it for the very first time, set the lowest possible intensity and start with the normal mode to avoid pain. Importantly, the use of TENS is strictly prohibited for pregnant women or the ones already having some metallic device inside their body.

If you experience skin irritation or any side effects, visit your doctor without any delay. Additionally, TENS Units are FDA-approved which means they are for people of all ages and meet the safety standards. How long should you use a muscle stimulator or how high should I set my Tens Unit are the most frequently asked questions by users. The answer lies under the product as it varies from brand to brand.

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