Best Budget Action Camera To Buy This Year

Wondering how to capture the epic moments in 4k resolution without burning a hole in your pocket? Action cameras have become popular and a must-have tool not only for travel bloggers but for adventure junkies as well. Whether you want to record extreme sports or underwater activities like snorkeling/ skydiving, the Best Budget Action Camera will keep you in to explore more and more.

Best budget 4k 60fps action camera are compact and more durable than their counterparts. Also having the ability to resist extreme weather conditions and made to withstand bumps, jolts, and harsh conditions. They allow us to bring life to every single photo by capturing the whole scenario from the best angle possible without having to worry about how often it remains underwater. In its early inception, it used to be bulky and climate-sensitive but now they have evolved to be more lightweight, portable, and water-proof. Ride the water waves or race down the steep mountainside with a camera mounted on the helmet or the surfboard. These nifty gadgets come with multiple accessories meeting the needs of every sports enthusiast and travel bug.

As the hype of sports action camera grows, many brands have jumped into the market with loads of features and impressive designs making it difficult to choose the right one. But when it comes to a purchase, we need to consider important facts. So taking the size, durability, image/video quality, battery life, and price tag into account, we have piled up some best action/vlog cameras for your daily adventures.

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GoPro revolutionalized the market when it launch the very first version of the action camera back in 2004. Now the upgraded GoPro Hero8 has a ton of new features under the cover to grab the attention. At first glance, it looks quite similar to the previous versions but the most noticeable and puzzling move is the frame case, which is no longer available in Hero8 as the mounting bit is now built into the camera.

Although the size has been reduced to 12g only the metal body still appears a bit bulky. The refined design, interactive user interface, and rubber coating at the front and rear corners to prevent slippage makes it worth drooling.

Rounding up some useful features like Hypersmooth 2.0 (that zooms in the image with a great 4k stabilization at all frame rates and resolutions), Timewarp 2.0 (for compiling all the time-lapse images automatically into a video), upgraded SuperPhoto (providing the best still images), manual preset and a decent amount of storage. Amazingly, the night lapse mode allows recording videos in low or dark lighting conditions. This cam is GPA-enabled and offers connectivity via BlueTooth and Wi-Fi.


  • Improved audio
  • Ultra-wide lens
  • Works on voice command
  • Shock and water-resistant
  • 1080p live streaming


  • Fast battery drainage
  • Excess heating


Next up on our top-list is another iconic brand DJI in drone space, somehow identical to GoPro but put together some impressive features in the newest version as well. Starting with the outer look, the front, and rare face screen is the most notable feature. This works by pressing the QS(Quick switch) button for 2-3 seconds to toggle custom and regular modes. The gadget is equipped with a removable lens and Rocksteady stabilization that eliminates the bumpy footage and makes the image more stable by cutting off the edges.

DJI has proven itself as the most reliable Best Budget Action Camera due to the water resistance at 11m depth,   responsive buttons, touch gestures, dual-screen, and the intuitive user interface. Moreover, the full HD mode offers high-resolution slow-motion effects at 240 fps (frames per second). It responds pretty well to voice commands and resists harsh external conditions.

Additionally, the feature that sets it apart from its competitors is the 4k video capability and fully-fledged and upgraded stabilization modes. It has two built-in mics to enhance the audio quality and a 3 layered coating on the lens to prevent distortion.  Additionally, loads of handy accessories come with the tiny frame, making it the perfect gadget for adventurers and travel bloggers.


  • Sleek design
  • Exceptional stabilization
  • Innovative technology
  • Dual screen


  • Fixed focus
  • No GPS support
  • Prone to overheating

BRAVE 4 Pro- Asako

Here comes our last pick of Best Budget Action Camera which is Asako-Brave 4 Pro, an incredibly lightweight and popular camera in the market. But does it worth the investment? This mini gadget comes in black plastic coating with an easy hand-grip and waterproof case to cover underwater footage. The small IPS Screen right on the left corner shows recording info and battery status. Although the screen is helpful but can’t be operated with fingers, as it doesn’t have a touchscreen like other vlog cameras.

Brave 4 Pro features a gyroscope and video stabilization making it perfect for hand-based activities by avoiding shaking and distortions. A good choice for those who are into vlogging or traveling because it’s easy to move around due to its compact size and high durability. The adjustable lens and camera sensor (4’s 20MP) allow focusing the smallest details for crystal clear images.

Two rechargeable batteries with a USB cable work well for a reasonable period of time and comes together with an array of handy accessories. Undeniably, Asako cameras are competing with industry-leading brands like GoPro by offering technical features like 5x zoom, 1080p video resolution, wide-angle lens, Ultra HD slow-motion mode, and more.


  • Budget-friendly
  • EIS technology
  • Offers multiple mounts


  • Button based interface (No touchscreen)
  • No water resistance without case
  • Limited frame rate

Final Verdict

As many people are reaching out to Best Budget Action Camera over the last few months, so we decided to pile down some of our top picks. Taking the performance, size, durability, and price under consideration. The current market is loaded with handheld cameras that are offering incredible picture and video quality with decent storage and battery life in a budget-friendly manner.

Starting with a well-known brand, GoPro is proving itself with advanced technology and impressive features but meanwhile leaving a burden on users’ wallets as well. Similarly, DJI is also improving and getting better bit by bit with every new launch and is ideal for moto-vlogging. So there’s is a long debate over needs vs wants. More precisely, if you’re more into vlogging and outdoor sports and looking for a cost-cutting option, then go for Asako Bravo 4 Pro. Although Bravo 4 Pro is not an upgraded model that even lacks a touchscreen but offers professional high-resolution video recording and different mounts to meet the needs. On the other hand, if you want a classic version with technical specs and underwater image capturing abilities then GoPro and DJI are worth buying.

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