Best Bluetooth Enabled Blood Sugar Level Testing Kit To Buy This Year

Suffering from diabetes but sick of visiting a hospital for glucose testing? It’s time to jump into smart diabetes management like a Blood Sugar Level Testing Kit. Diabetes is rising at an alarming rate and becoming a health threat globally. CDCs reports showed that this disorder has risen to a predicted 34.2 million. Not only elders, but youngsters above 19 are also prone to Diabetes Mellitus. Type 1 and 2 are different in the sense that type 1 diabetes occurs when the pancreas inhibits the production of insulin while type 2 happens when the body didn’t use the hormone properly.  

Diabetic people around the globe are separating themselves from the community. Being diagnosed with diabetes is not a problem anymore. Keeping track of your diabetes treatment plan can be an ongoing commitment that may include blood sugar testing, injecting insulin, a balanced diet, and some physical activities on regular basis. But the Blood sugar level testing kit is making the process more affordable and accessible. One of the major advantages of technology is the brainy thing comes amazingly in little packages – which means blood sugar meters have gotten smaller and better.  But so many people are curious about which blood glucose meter is the most accurate? Furthermore, how to use a one-touch sugar testing machine at home?

About Blood Sugar Level Testing Kit

Well, today Blood Sugar Level Testing Kit comes in a more compact design and is very straightforward to use. Most of these at-home sugar test kits do all the fundamentals very well and have quick test times, small blood sample necessities, and downloadable results. Most people choose the kits to what they have experienced while some stick to the brand or to the recommendations of their health professionals. But we can’t neglect those who embrace the technology just like smartphone-enabled glucose testing systems. Such people prefer small, portable, and pocket-sized kits that’s why we have selected the three best at-home sugar level testing kits that are compatible with smartphones and leading the world towards innovation.

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Best At-home Sugar Testing Kits

1. Contour Next One

If you have been recently diagnosed with diabetes and want a smartphone-enabled glucometer option, then Contour Next One can serve you well. The stylish, thinner design is a bit different from the previous models with only one button on the upper face. This glucometer has a LED display in white and black color to give more accurate results with only 0.6microlitre blood sample. It allows the users to sync and log automatically to the compatible app via Bluetooth for quick and accurate results in seconds. You can also assess the previous readings for better diabetic management and share them with your health consultant without leaving the room.

Moreover, the unique 3 smart-light feature is what makes this meter ideal for everyone. The different light colors give instant feedback to the patient about their sugar level by switching the color from green, amber, and red. Not only this, you’ll be amazed after knowing that the test strip can be used for second time sampling if you didn’t perform the pricking correctly at first and save the test strips. One more point not to be missed, the Contour Diabetes App is compatible with both the app store and google play, and luckily for iPhone users, it also works with the Apple Health app.


  • Highly accurate
  • Pocket-sized design
  • 60 seconds resampling feature
  • Color range indicator (above, below, normal).


  • Costly test strips
  • Results vary from other meters
  • A hidden portlight area that could be overlooked.

2. OneTouch Verio Flex 

These pretty basic and light-to-handle Blood sugar level testing kits are making the glucose monitoring process simpler and easier with their curvy white-faced design and advanced technology. It delivers perfection in every reading and tells the patient to take fast action. Users can sync data easily by connecting the app that is compatible with iOS and Android phones. Important to discuss that the app is so user-friendly and covers all the downsides (if any) of this meter. The app sends notifications and other goal-setting options with an attractive user interface.

One-Touch verio flex works smartly for getting advanced data analysis through the color sure technology. You can view the previous 500 results in a single go with the smart app.  It also offers the patients to use the same strips that were bought for the traditional model. The glucometer comes with a case that is helpful during travel, 10 lancets, and a lancing device.


  • Fits in the palm
  • Large LED display
  • Fewer blood requirements
  • Budget-friendly option


  • Lacks portlight
  • Coin battery
  • Flimsy buttons

3: Accu-Chek Performa Nano

The price and high performance are what sets it apart from other glucometers available in the market. This ready-to-use smart device makes the testing more quickly and easily with its industry-leading technology and greater accuracy. The ergonomic design helps to easily insert the test strips and get readings in just 5 seconds with 0.6 microlitre blood. It has a  large LED display that automatically turns on after the insertion of test strips and it powers off if not used for 2 minutes.

Additionally, the reminder feature lets the users set 4 reminders throughout the day, and also notifies if the strips are near to their expiration date or not. Another glow-in-the-dark feature makes it easy to read the display even in low light. This Bluetooth-enabled glucometer is compatible with the health tracking app both on iOS and Android. The built-in bolus in the app brings more information and the potential to upload meal pictures on the web. It comes in a stylish case with 100 test strips, lancets, and a user manual for a better understanding of the meter.


  • Hypo-indicator
  • Comfy rubber grip
  • Easy-to-read screen
  • Auto power-off
  • No coding required


  • Not easy accessibility of test strips
  • The short life span of the meter

Final Verdict

Stepping towards the best glucometer for home sugar testing is definitely a hard decision. Many noninvasive glucometer options are available in the market that is budget-friendly and less painful. All thanks to technology because small is always beautiful and easy to hold. You might have many questions in mind while making a final decision like how high does a blood glucose meter reads or how effective these meters are but these features vary from brand to brand and depends upon personal choice as well.