Best Personal Assistant Robot Vacuums To Buy This Year

Getting tired of the recurring household chores? Make your life easy with smart Personal Assistant Robot Vacuums and spend quality time with your loved ones. Cleaning can be a never-ending task but adapting nifty gadgets can be quite beneficial in enhancing our productivity. Domestic or household robots were once fantasized about in movies and novels but today the robot at home has humanistic qualities. They are no longer only the science fiction thing, however, they have become a necessity of every house. Although the early versions had collision issues and the area remained unwashed but they have evolved. Now the latest models are twice powerful as their predecessors as they respond to voice commands and allow visual mapping very well.

Home robot assistants are becoming increasingly popular because of their ergonomic design, low energy consumption, and a handful of extra features. Far beyond just cleaning the floors and carrying the stuff, they can be your perfect companion in keeping the home safe and secure when you’re not around. These autonomous robots will surely care for elders and roll behind you around the kitchen or rooms without hitting the objects due to advanced navigation technology.

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Amazon Astro Personal Assistant Robot

Amazon Astro assuredly tops the list of robot home vacuum cleaners of 2022. Although they were released in late 2021 still the hype of this gadget is roaming around every corner of modern tech. Astro is designed to bring new advancements and uses navigational technology to avoid obstacles coming its way.

It offers multiple benefits like with Astro app, you can keep a check on home from anywhere, furthermore, it allows to set reminders, alarms or receive alerts if the gadget detects something unrecognized. You can also make a call or send messages with a single voice request through Alexa. Amazingly, it has a cup holder that carries different objects from one place to another, so you don’t have to move.

Not only this, but the domestic robot high-tech house helpers also send notifications when it detects any sort of smoke, blast, or glass breakage. It combines with layers of privacy control like turning on/off the mic or camera in one go or creating a visual ID for face detection.  However, it let you stay healthy with a built-in OMRON blood pressure monitor that allows taking the reading on Astro’s display.


  • Sleek design
  • Advanced navigation technology
  • High suction strength
  • Detachable holder
  • WiFi/Bluetooth compatibility


  • Pricey
  • Limited supply

AIRROBO Personal Assistant Robot

This incredibly versatile handy best robot assistant has everything to offer from robot vacuum home mapping to entertaining your kids. The surprisingly 2600Pa suction effectively removes the debris, food scraps, and even pet hair from the low-piled carpet as well as from the rough floor surfaces. However, it works pretty well with a voice request, Alexa and Google Assistant, the Tunya app (available on Google Play & App Store) also allows you to keep an eye on things when you’re out, letting you stay in touch with your four-legged companion.

Best of all, it comes equipped with 4 adjustable suction modes for different trash sizes like Quiet Mode (600Ps) for picking dust, Standard Mode (1000Pa) for removing millet, Powerful Mode (1500Pa) for beans, and lastly the Max Mode (2600Pa) for thoroughly cleaning steel balls and other trash. Moreover, the built-in brushless motor makes it more energy-efficient, reliable, and user-friendly with low noise.

The compact size of the Personal Assistant Robot enables it to access hard-to-reach areas under the sofa/bed more effectively. A feature not to be missed is the anti-collision sensors that protect the robot from being hit with the furniture or other households. The Auto-recharge allows running the gadget 140 mins after being fully charged for around a 140sqft area.


  • High-end filters
  • Effective cleaning routines
  • Long battery life
  • Multiple cleaning modes


  • Low suction rate on carpeted floors
  • Wheels might stuck

Shark Robot (RV1001AE IQ)

The design of this model is intended to give hands-off vacuuming to cut down major housework. This robotic vacuum works efficiently with a voice command via Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or with a Shark Cleanup app. It offers a broad range of compelling features especially the self-emptying bin so you don’t have to come in contact with a fleck of dust for about a month.

Moreover, the IQ navigation module allows the robot to map out the house and access the whole location. The spiral brush roll with delicate bristles and blades avert the tangles and effectively pulls the dust particles into the bin. Additionally, the spinning side brushes capture most of the debris from areas that are hard to target.

The working of this gadget doesn’t require any additional setup rather than placing it right. This Shark robot vacuum features a scheduling option that permits setting the cleaning schedule without setting any reminder. The left side has a transparent window that allows checking the level of the dustbin.


  • Self-emptying bag
  • Interactive app interface
  • Scheduled cleaning
  • Onboard camera


  • Less efficient on low-piled carpet
  • Noisy cleaning procedure

Final Verdict

It’s no surprise that Personal Assistant Robot is the talk of every social media feed and the tech sphere. These roving companions with cutting-edge technology are worth drooling and have become a futuristic solution with a handful of smart features. They are designed with a broad array of roles to suit the needs of household chores. And undeniably the future of domestic robots is dazzling but still, there’s a lot to explore. Like can you use a robot vacuum on vinyl flooring or why do robot vacuums move randomly? So do some research before considering a purchase.

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