Best Headphone Stand You Can Buy This Year

The majority of people when not using their headphones place them on a PC case, keyboard, or PC desk. You may call this a storage problem, a bad habit, or whatever. But that’s not the way we should treat our headphones especially when you are a professional gamer or music lover. Now you would be thinking of a solution to this problem. The only possible solution we may adopt here is to buy a Headphone Stand.

Believe me or not, but these stands look pretty decent placed on your table. There is a number of Headset Stands available in the market manufactured by reputable brands. You can use them as gaming stands, normal stands, or music headphone stands. In today’s topic, I will review a variety of best headset stands among them. So without any time waste, let’s jump forward towards the review section.

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Best Headphone Stand 2020

AmoVee Acrylic Headset Stand

This Headset Stand has totally a unique design and far better than its previous version. Now, it comes in more thicker and stronger form. While the bottom outer edges give a tremendous look to your desk. The company specifically designed this stand as a gaming headphone stand but you can also use it as a normal, office, or as music headphones stand. Every angle of its design is well enough to hold headphones of any size in a proper way. The stand features 9.8″ height, 0.24″ thickness, 2.4″ width, and 4.7″ gap on the bottom.


  • Attractive Design
  • Multipurpose Use
  • Universal Size Support


  • Taking Off Headphones from Stand is Bit Tricky

EletecPro Headset Stand

The quality of this aluminum made stand speaks everything itself. It is a decent looking stand with a strong bottom and multiple size headphone support upper holder. It features stable dimensions of 10.9 x 5 x 0.6 inches. Moreover, it can be used for many purposes like in the office, gaming room, and music room, etc. Other notable point of this amazing headphone holder is its easy portability, just disassemble the stand and take it any where with you. So, EletecPro headphone holder is surely a great choice to go with.


  • Aviation Aluminum Made
  • Decent Looking Design
  • Universal Compatibility for Headphones


  • Small in Size

Razer Headphone Stand – Base Station V2 Chroma

A bit pricey but Base Station V2 Chroma is absolutely a tremendous gadget to place on a gaming desk. It features customizable RGB color effects (Razer Chroma). There are two USB 3.1 and one 3.5mm port to feature 7.1 surround sound application included in this headset stand. If we talk about the stand quality and attributes, it offers headphone size support up to a height of 278mm along with a non-slip base. The base is also detachable if needed. Build Quality is metallic-like material and the overall, product is totally recommended.


  • 278mm Headphone Height Support
  • RGB Color Effect
  • Non-Slippery Base
  • Two USB 3.1 & One 3.55 Port


  • Not any Notable

Wooden Omega Headphone Stand

Want some change in taste of choice.? Wooden Headphone Stand may prove itself a great option to go with. This headset stand has design similarities with AmoVee Acrylic Stand but the build quality is totally different i.e; plastic stand vs wood stand. To be honest, I don’t like to have it as a gaming headset stand that’s why the company also did not mention it for the gaming desk. But for some other purposes, there is no better option than Wooden Omega. The stand features a walnut finish, 10″ tall, and 4.5″ base gap.


  • Beautiful Looking
  • Wooden Made
  • Multiple Headphone Size Support


  • Not any Notable

Corsair Headphone Stand – ST100

From a little gadget to high-end products, Corsair is known for its excellent reputation. While if we talk about the ST100 Stand, it is just amazing because I am using it personally. This stand features RGB color effects (CORSAIR iCUE), a unique design, and solid build material that is pure aluminum. Apart from that, at the base of the stand, you will find two USB 3.1 and one 3.5 port to avail of 7.1 surround sound features. Moreover, the base is rubber covered to hold a strong grip that avoids slipping.


  • 7.1 Surround Sound
  • RGB Color Effect
  • Aluminum Made


  • Sound Card Issues

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