Huawei will use Google services if the US lifts ban

Contrary to the negative comments given by the China tech giant executives, Huawei says it will use Google services if the US lifts the trade ban. Apparently, Huawei’s Fred Wangfei said the company has no plans to return to Google services even if the US decides to lift the ban. Google services include Play Store, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Calendar, and other Google-made apps. The ban from the US forced Huawei to come up with its own app alternatives.  

However, the remarks of Wangfei that he shared with Der Standard are given below. It looks like he didn’t leave much wiggle in the room.

Just as a note for others who read this. There was no wiggle room in what Huawei told me. I asked them several times (as I was rather surprised myself) and they insisted on not going back to Google – even if the US ban falls.

Andreas Proschofsky

Huawei’s Thoughts on the Google Services ban

Wangfei made everyone think that the split is permanent. But Huawei is already considering a good and restored relationship with the US. A Huawei spokesperson said to The Verge,

Our first choice is the open Android ecosystem, including GMS (Google Mobile Services). That was what helped us become number two in the world for smartphone shipments.

Huawei Google Services

Huawei can’t add any of the Google services; however, it is still able to use the core Android operating system. The company has built its own version of important APIs for its Mate 30 Pro and other upcoming products. These APIs are part of the Google Mobile Services found on the vast majority of Android phones. Despite the fact that Huawei can replicate the functionality, the US ban still makes its device less appealing to the Western users, who completely rely on Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Maps, and other staples.

The spokesperson also in conversation with The Verge said:

I believe both Google and Huawei hope a license will be granted, but you would need to confirm that with Google. As a result of the entity listing, we are now developing HMS (Huawei Mobile Services) — inviting app developers to come on board. etc. This offer has received a lot of positive interest in Europe. It’s worth reiterating that we were one of the lead contributors to the Android open-source operating system over the last five years.”

The Verge

Trump’s Propaganda on Huawei Equipment Ban

Despite the ban on purchasing Huawei equipment, and cutting off trade with Google services, Trump has insisted that Huawei stances an electronic spying risk. He has also urged other governments to remove Huawei equipment from the mobile network infrastructure. It is so because the 5G deployment is picking up great momentum in Europe. However, the UK isn’t listening to the advice given to them. To conclude, Huawei thinks that it is getting unfair treatment from the US.

Via: The Verge