LucidPix Photo App – Now You can capture 3D Photos

Whether you have the latest phone like the Samsung S10 or an older one like iPhone 6S, you can now click awesome 3D photos with your camera. The app by which you can click these amazing 3D photos is the new LucidPix photo app. LucidPix Photo App uses artificial intelligence (AI) to render 3D photos that move as you tilt and pan your phone. A major advantage of this app is that it uses AI instead of requiring a special accessory or two rear phone cameras to take 3D photos.

Features of LucidPix Photo App

The most interesting feature of the LucidPix photo app is that it captures 3D photos with your phone’s regular camera.  Also, it can convert your existing 2D photos into 3D. The image once captured, can be shared inside the app’s community or on other platforms like Facebook. Facebook is mentioned here because it has special built-in support for displaying 3D photos.

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Users can share and view 3D images just like people do with 2D images on Instagram or Snapchat by adding this social aspect to the app. Above all, Facebook consists of several groups that are solely dedicated to 3D photos. In such a scenario, the LucidPix app seems to be the best way to create and customize your own 3D photos. LucidPix also lets you add a variety of 3D frames in case you’re looking for more customizations to your photos.

This is a GIF made from a 3D photo taken with the LucidPix Photo app.
Courtesy: LucidPix

How does the LucidPix App work?

The company behind the app i.e. Lucid showed off its imaging magic in January at the CES 2020. Informatively, the LucidPix app takes 3D photos with software that mimics how the human brain processes depth, instead of using specialized hardware like the $1,300 doomed Red Hydrogen phone of 2019. The software began with the company’s LucidCam VR180 camera. It was used by Red in the Hydrogen phone and in the unreleased Red 8K 3D Lithium cinema camera.

Whenever the word “3D” comes in front of us, we usually think of the failed products like 3D televisions and 3D phones. The major problem for 3D is that it is usually puffed up as the starting of a new product category. While according to me, it should be approached as a new tool for expression. In such a case, the Lucid Company intelligently holds 3D’s role as a creative tool.

Han Jin, the CEO, and Founder of Lucid company elaborated about its app at an official meeting;

The way consumers express themselves digitally and visually has evolved more and more to what we naturally see with our own eyes with depth. Thus, over the past few years, the visual medium has become more multidimensional, leading to more portrait photos, 3D content, and AR and VR being created.

Image of another 3D photo taken by the LucidPix app
Courtesy: LucidPix

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When App will be Available for Use?

LucidPix will be available on both Android and iOS later this year. However, you can sign up now on the LucidPix website to get early access. The app is free of cost with a watermark embedded in your photo. If you don’t need the watermark on your photo, then it can be removed with just $1 per photo. You can try the app out and click wonderful 3D photos before paying for the “Pro” version. The Pro version contains unlimited use of the app at $52 per year or $6 per month.

The video trailer of the LucidPix Photo app is given below

Courtesy: LucidPix Teaser Video

Via: Cnet