Artificial Brain Chip Created by MIT is Something Pretty Advanced

Researchers have been busy for a long time in finding ways to improve the working performance of computers the same as the human brain. MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in this regard has created a tiny Artificial Brain Chip that holds some bigger capabilities of simulating brain synapses.

MIT Team uses a combination of silicon, copper, and silver in creating this chip named “memristors“. This chip can simulate brain synapses and can store and recall data with the level of that high accuracy you could imagine. Moreover, it contains tens of thousands of memristors on this much smaller size (like confetti).

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Artificial Brain Chip

Artificial Brain Chip Results

When the team used this chip for analysis of end result. They come to know that it has the ultimate feature of storing and recalling the visuals. But with more detailed observation than the previous memristors. The existing memristors only provide the answer as true or false to a response.

While these new memristors provide more information by functioning the same as the human brain. MIT Team further stated that this chip needs GPU power to run and this neural network can also be installed in small devices like smartphones and cameras too. That’s truly amazing.

Research Team is on the mission of establishing an artificial neural network to recreate visuals from the memory. Although it requires more hard work to do, but current achievement is no less than a milestone The artificial brain chip will change the ways supercomputers work and will take us one step ahead towards technological development. So welcome to a new era,

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