Best Keys Finder You Can Buy in 2021

Well, It’s so easy to misplace your keys while so difficult to find them again. Even I would say that there is no worse feeling than losing your keys at the moment when you are in a hurry. So to get out of this trouble, technology has introduced us to the Keys Finder, which keeps you connected with the lost keys through Bluetooth technology, Mobile App or Transmitter.

Key Finder is basically a key-chain shape tiny tracker you attach along with the keys. It operates within a specific signal range, you just need to pair it with your phone’s Bluetooth or download its relevant mobile app. That’s all, you have the things under control. So guys today, I have gathered a list of the best Lost Keys trackers available in the market. Check them out and choose yours..

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Best Keys Finder

1: Tile Mate Bluetooth Keys Tracker

Tile Mate Tracker comes in a pack of 1 only while you can also get a pack of 2 or 3. This key finder is compatible with both the Android & iOS operating systems. You can attach this tracker to the bags, keys, and hand clutch too. It features Bluetooth connectivity which works in a distance range of 200 feet. While when you get out of this range, you can use Tile Mobile App to track the most recent area. Upon tracking, the Tile Mate will simply ring an alarm. The device is battery powered that can be replaced when needed.


  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Mobile Application
  • Replaceable Battery
  • Reputable Brand


  • Exact Location Matching Issue

2: Yarra Radio Frequency Key Finder

This Key Finder manufactured by Yarra Brand functions using RF (Radio Frequency). It comes with 1 remote and 6 receivers which you can attach to multiple points like on keys, bags, purse, and many other things. These receivers will function accurately within the distance range of 115 feet, while whenever you are searching for something. Simply press the number of that receiver on the remote, it will create a sound beep of 95DB and a red LED light on the receiver. So getting a big package at an affordable price is not bad.


  • 1 Transmitter
  • 6 Receivers
  • 95DB
  • Radio Frequency Operations
  • USB Charging


  • Cheap Build Quality

3: Coulax GPS Key Finder

You know what, the company claims Coulax this device to be the best keys Finder by saying the term “Anything Finder”. I think it actually is as it features GPS technology to find the lost items by pointing out the last specific location. Moreover, you can use this tracker for phones, keys, bags, luggage, purse, and even for your pets in their collars like dogs and cats. It functions within a distance range of more than 90 feet and offers 85dB of the loud sound beep. Apart from that, its mobile app enables the tracking feature in 5 unique ways.


  • Anything Finder
  • GPS Functionality
  • Mobile App
  • 85dB Sound Beep
  • Multiple Features


  • Not any Notable

4: Toysdone Keys Finder

This keys finder manufactured by Toysdone also operates through Radio Frequencies. It comes with 1 Transmitter and 4 receivers of different colors. You can use this tracker for keys, wallets, bags, purses, pets collars,s, and smartphones. Whenever you are looking for anything, just press the relevant color button on the transmitter. It will ring an alarm within the specified distance range that is 30 meters. Each receiver has replaceable batteries on the backside, while on the transmitter there is a flashlight to search for the items in dark.


  • Flash Light On Transmitter
  • 4 Receivers
  • Long Distance Range
  • Easy to Use


  • Not any Notable

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