Best USB 3.0 Extension Cable You Can Buy This Year

Are you looking for fast and easy data transfer without moving devices closer? We got you covered once again! MaticsToday is here with some of the best models of USB 3.0 extension cable along with their pros and cons.

Its the 21st century, where every activity is bounded with technology and IT is playing a major role in making our lives easier and better. From the morning alarm till bedtime, we are using different digital devices like smartphones, laptops, PC, tablets, projectors, etc. Simply, we can’t neglect the importance of technology because everything is digitalized and we do need to transfer data from one device to another.

For this purpose, we use USB extension cables that limit the movement of digital devices and transfer the data in an easy and accessible way. These cables hold data fluctuation during file transmission and also lessen the chances of errors or any fluxes. To buy these USB 3.0 extension cables, you don’t need to dig deep into your wallet as they are super affordable and durable. Let’s move forward towards the review.

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USB 3.0 Extension Cable 2021

USB 3.0 extension cables are everywhere in the plug-in universe. Each year millions of USB cables are shipped worldwide because every device has built-in ports and needs a cable. But many manufacturers made the cable very short that’s why we buy extension cables to transfer data without moving the devices close to one other.

1: Insignia USB 3.0 A to B Cable

This black-colored USB 3.0 Type A to B extension cable allows plugging in hard-to-reach devices port and enhances the connectivity. The Type A cable is rectangular shaped with plug and play design and is very common nowadays.

Such cables are found mostly in PC, desktop computers, media players, and game consoles while Type B is used for printers, hardware, and smartphones. Insignia A to B cable transmits data up to the rate of 480mbps with 3 feet in length.

They last for a long time and do not require external power. These cables are very durable and user-friendly because they are used to transfer data to so far devices and for charging different gadgets as well. The price of A to B cable is approximately $3 which is very reasonable.


  • High Connectivity
  • Last Longing
  • Cost Effective
  • Error Free Trasnmission


  • Doesn’t Allow BroadCasting

2: Insignia- 6′ USB 3.0 Extension Cable

Enjoy data transmission at a speed of 625 mg/sec with another model of Insignia extension cable. The Insignia 6 feet cable is A male to A female type. The female receptacle is embedded inside the device while the male plug is hanging outward.

This high-speed cable is black in color and ideal for digital devices like cameras, smartphones, mice, and others. For signal clarity, these cables contain gold-plated connectors and protective shielding.

These cables are very cost-efficient $10.50 and easily accessible. It consumes little power and has a faster data transmission speed. So, don’t forget to give a try to this extension cable, if you are searching for one.


  • Plug & Play
  • High Speed
  • Convenient


  • Does Not Work with 2.x or 1.x PC Ports

3: Insignia- 6′ USB 3.0 Cable for MacOS / Windows

6’ USB 3.0 extender is a USB C to USB adaptor with a 5gbps data transmission rate. This cable is manufactured for macOS and windows with plug and play design.

The type C plug replaces the previous Type A and B connectors due to its promising benefits. It can provide 2.5-watt power to connected devices including security cameras.

No external soft wares are required to connect electronic devices. The cable is 6 feet long with a 1-year money-back guarantee. This cable from Insignia is a bit pricey as compared to other models as it costs around $15.

We all know that USB 3.0 extension cables have become a need of every person. One way or another, we all are using such cables for different purposes. We described different models of USB 3.0 extension cables from a well-known brand INSIGNIA. Each cable is designed uniquely and performing different functions. So select the cable according to your need and budget and do give us thumbs up if you like your page.