Best Non Contact Thermometer You Can Buy in 2021

I am going to review a detailed list of non contact thermometer models below. Apart from its major need in the pandemic (COVID-19) & normal routine, I have also focused on its latest and advanced features with respect to technology. If you find any model relevant to purchase, place your order through our affiliate links. We will earn some percentage of commission from Amazon.

In the long history of medicine, Thermometers always remained reliable medical equipment or instrument to measure the temperature of human beings and other living organisms. From time to time, we saw various upgrades in its attributes and finally have an advanced form of thermometers in market that feature digital reading, portability, and non contact features.

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If you focus on the term “Non Contact”, it will surely take your mind towards the ongoing pandemic wave. Where everybody needs to maintain social distancing from others, but still thermometer is mandatory equipment to use on daily basis in hospitals, malls entry, institutes, and even at home. Now if you add that term Non Contact with thermometers, it may easily fulfill the requirement of social distancing.

So, now we have some reason to consider reading the review of best non contact or no touch thermometers. Let’s have a look,

Non Contact Thermometer 2021

1: Heavy Duty Non Contact Infrared Thermometer

This touch free forehead thermometer by eZthigs really features some heavy duties. From just a distance of 2 inches to the forehead, it can easily measure the accurate temperature of your body. Device is certified on the world level by various medical labs and institutes.

It can be used in both outdoor and indoor environments, both for humans and pets. This gun-style thermometer has an LCD display that shows the temperature level along with color indications. Like Green means all set, yellow means slight fever while red means severe fever.

Moreover, there are 2 options to adjust the thermometer mode (human/object) as required, memory settings to store temp data, and temperature switching between Celsius and Fahrenheit. The device is battery powered which can be recharged as well as replaced with thermometer batteries.


  • Non Contact Features
  • LCD Color Changes According to Temperature
  • Fever Alarm
  • Human & Object Mode
  • Gun Style Shape


  • Not any Notable

2: Berrcom Touch Free Infrared Forehead Thermometer

It is an Infrared Forehead Thermometer manufactured by Berrcom. It is best suitable to measure the temperature of infants, kids, and adults. This thermometer measures the temperature from a distance of 1.2 or 2 inches to the forehead.

Its one-button operation just works perfectly. Aim the thermometer towards the forehead at the mentioned distance and press the scan button. That’s all, it will quickly display the temperature on its LCD screen. If the temperature level is above the normal, LCD will turn out red and will ring an alarm.

Apart from that, it has a strong memory option that can store the last 32 temperature values. The mode is enabled both for humans and objects. Similarly, the temperature can be adjusted both on Celsius or Fahrenheit. The device is battery-powered that can be replaced with other battery models.


  • Not Harmful for Child (above 3 months)
  • Both Human & Object Mode
  • A memory of 32 Last Temperatures
  • One Button Quick Operation


  • Batteries not Included

3: Hospital Medical Grade No Touch Infrared Thermometer

Hospital Medical Grade No Touch Infrared
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Well, this non contact thermometer is manufactured fulfilling the standards of hospital grade. This means it can be used to measure the temperature of multiple age people. It is easy to use and operates on infrared rays. 2 AA battery cells are also included in the package.

Like other mentioned models, it also measures the temperature at a distance of a maximum of 2 inches. Similarly, there is an LCD screen to show the temperature level along with green, yellow, and red color indications. Fever alarm is also added to get the alerts of severity.

The memory of this thermometer remembers almost 32 temperature records. So, whether you want to use it at entry places, home, offices, and hospitals. It may serve pretty well to all ages and groups of people with zero hygienic effects.


  • Zero Hygienic Effects
  • Easy to Use
  • Color Indication According to Temperature
  • Severity Alarm


  • Not any Notable

4: Bionso Non Contact Forehead Thermometer

Almost similar features to the thermometer models I have mentioned above in the post. But each brand has its own reputation and customer loyalty. So with this reputation, Bionso is going good on graph among the list of best non contact forehead thermometer.

It features an LCD screen, fever alarm notification, memory storage, and one-button operation. Moreover, the temperature can be adjusted both in Celsius and Fahrenheit. Apart from that, when not in use, the device will automatically shut down to save energy.

Suitable for the age group of all people, kids, adults, and old age. Overall, I have no hesitation to recommend this product to my readers.


  • Energy Saving
  • Suitable for People of Multiple Age
  • Single Button Operation


  • Not any Notable

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