Best Oculus VR Headsets You Can Buy This Year

Want to explore the wonders of the world in a 3D immersive environment? Try it with Oculus VR Headsets and enjoy the realistic effects of unseen objects. Virtual Reality is a moving innovation that gives astounding scope to different organizations to take a jump and reenact their presence in the imaginary and real world. No doubt, this cutting-edge technology boosted the gaming experience to the next level but actually, it is far beyond gaming and also spread across the modern world businesses like medicines, health, education, and more with visible growth and reach.

Basically, Virtual Reality is wholly computer-based technology with images and sounds that allows the users to interrelate the 3D artificial world that looks real. Nowadays, people are demanding technologies that go beyond their expectations. So experience the 3D artificial world in front of your eyes that actually don’t exist in the real world. These headsets will allow you to do eye-tracking and hand detection in different manners.

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Best Oculus VR Headsets

Bring more realistic effects into your life with Oculus VR headsets and enjoy the software-created stereotypic effects just by putting on the Head-mounted display and adjusting the belt. Furthermore, Medical science proved that VR headsets are not used worldwide for gaming purposes but play an important role in relieving pain. This portable and simple gadget would be a great choice for those who are having problems like anxiety, depression, and migraine as well. Education, Architecture, and Healthcare sectors are making use of this device for their ease and high productivity. The price of such headsets varies according to the advancements in technology and features.

The internal storage of VR headsets also matters when used for something big. If we specifically talk about the latest version Oculus Quest 2 sales report, you will definitely skip your heartbeat for a second because according to Facebook, this version is in the hands of 5 million people. By 2021, Oculus has sold 2-3 million headsets and beat many other famous headset brands like Sony PSVR 2.

1: Oculus Quest 2

This headset is leading the VR technology because of its unique features and a powerful Qualcomm SnapdragonTM XR2 processor. It has 6 GB RAM and 64/256 GB internal storage with built-in audio. The faceplate design in Quest 2 allows less light transmission into the eyes during gaming.

Moreover, the head strap is made with cloth to comfortably fit the head display with manual tightening. Users can adjust the lenses in these three IPD settings (58mm, 63mm, and 68mm). No Laptop is required using this headset because of its wireless connectivity. Moreover, the sound exactly enters into the ears as the speakers are placed on the strap without any distortion.

The Quest 2 evolved from the previous models in a number of ways like more resolution power (832 x 1920 pixels per eye), hand and calorie tracking abilities, controllers, and excellent display. This headset requires 2.5 hours for a full charge via USB cable. You can also save the battery by keeping it on Sleep mode when not in use. Although it’s a pricey option for gamers as it cost approximately $500 for 64 GB and it is worth every penny.


  • Wireless (PC is optional)
  • Tracks head and body movements
  • New controllers with improved ergonomics
  • Cloth material easy-fit head-strap


  • Costly
  • FB ID required

2: Oculus Quest

The Oculus quest comes with 4 GB RAM and 64/128 GB internal storage. The refresh rate of this headset is 72 Hz and has Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor.

Additionally, the resolution power is 1600 x 1440 pixels per eye which is less than the latest version named quest 2. Both models have major aesthetic and technology modifications like color, storage, RAM, and more. Due to fewer features than that of quest 2, it’s a bit cheaper option for users.


  • Easy fit head-strap
  • Wireless connectivity
  • High quality built-in speakers


  • Expensive
  • Low quality graphics
  • Low battery time

3: Oculus Rift S

This model is a tethered headset that has an OLED display. The tethered version is designed to work with high-end PC via display-port. Its resolution power (1,440/1,280 per eye) is lower than the previous two models.

The Oculus Rift S does not require any HDMI for its connectivity and is often incompatible with some laptops or PCs. One big advantage of using Rift S is a PC-based store that builds an amazing library of multiple apps and games. Additionally, the price of Rift S is almost $399, less than Quest 2.

Both models: Quest 2 and Rift S have 6DOF motion tracking and give the same feel. It means they can track and follow orientation as well as your position. For keeping the track of play area, both used an advanced camera-based Guardian system that allows you to set boundaries in distinct rooms.


  • No external sensors required
  • Halo headband for more stability
  • 3D positional audio


  • PC is must
  • Connects only via Display-port
  • Low RAM
  • Less resolution power

Final Thoughts

So the discussion comes to an end with the final verdict. Everything from the very start about Virtual Reality is cleared now. Oculus is blurring other headsets in markets and making improvements in every new model. If we talk about standalone headsets then Quest 2 is clearly a good option with a high refresh rate and resolution power.

In addition to this, for Rift S, you would have to buy an accessory cable first for the working of your VR gadget. Undoubtedly, the brand Oculus is putting all the efforts into improving the standalone model like Quest 2 and by keeping the price low, they are trying to phase out similar brands and models.