Best Electric Air Duster For PC You Can Buy This Year

It’s pretty annoying especially when the minor parts of your PC machine or other gadgets get dusty. Like various internal accessories of a PC including fans, motherboard slots, and under the keyboard buttons. While it’s also not that easy to remove the dust from that area by hand or a soft cloth. So you need to keep an Electric Air Duster any time with you for easy cleaning purposes.

These air dusters eliminate the hurdle of cleaning your gadgets and provides an easy way to clean them properly. Today, I have shortlisted some best-performing air dusters for your PC and other Gadgets. Each of the selected models is the best performer in the market with a positive brand reputation. Let’s have a look at them in detail, choose your favorite, and share with us in the comments section.

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Electric Air Duster 2021

1: EasyGo Product Compressed Air Duster

EasyGo Compressed Air Duster is such a lightweight, quality, and easy to use cleaner. You can use this duster to clean computers, laptops, keyboards, printers, cameras, and various medical types of equipment.

This Electric Air Duster features 500 watts power, 4. 0 Amps of electricity, and an airflow of 70 CFM. It comes with a 9-foot cord, multiple attachments, and 1.8 pounds of weight.

So, no longer you need to worry about cleaning the dust and dirt on your expensive gadgets. Simply order this EasyGo Air duster and keep the hurdles of cleaning the components on the side.


  • Multiple Attachments
  • Powerfull and Lightweight
  • Alternate to Compressed Air Gas
  • Environment Friendly


  • A Bit Noisy

2: XPOWER A-2 Airrow Pro Duster/Blower

Well, this Air Duster/ Blower manufactured by XPower is suitable to use for cleaning your multiple gadgets like computers, laptops, vehicle interiors, cameras, and medical equipment.

On the technical side, it features 500 watts of power, 90 CFM airflow, and weighs only 2.3 pounds. Apart from that it also features a 3/4 HP motor. So performance is absolutely according to the required standards.

If we talk about the built material and operational safety of this Electric Air Duster, it is made up of ABS rugged plastic and thermal protection along with certification of ETL and CETL.


  • Quality Built Material
  • Environmental Safety
  • Powerfull Performance
  • Multiple Cleaning Options


  • Not any Notable

3: METROVAC Electric Air Duster

Although Metrovac Air Duster is a bit older model in the market, but still it performs a lot better up to the standard. It features 70 CFM airflow, 4 Amps Voltage, and 120 Watts of power.

If we talk about the cord length, it is 12 feet long which is more than enough to utilize it for a longer reach from the power plug. While some of the related attachments also come in the box.

Just give a try to this amazing Air Duster, that owns a great market reputation. Moreover, Its gonna be a great solution to any kind of dirt and dust damaging your gadgets and expensive electronics.


  • Related Attachments
  • Long Cord
  • Standard Performance
  • Brand Reputation


  • Noisy

4: ALPTHY Air Duster

Well, the most notable point of this Air Duster manufactured by Alpthy is its cordless/wireless features. It comes with a rechargeable battery of 15000mAH that can last longer than 50 minutes.

Moreover, it offers a 36000 RPM motor having a strong airflow, a built-in flashlight to operate in a dark environment. Operations are totally environment friendly and built quality is safe to use.

Users can use it to clean devices like computers, camera lens, PS5, laptop, air conditioners, sofa, printed circuit boards to electronic instruments, medical devices, and many more gadgets.


  • Wireless Operation
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Ultra-Strong Performance


  • Not any Notable

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