iPhone SE Uses the iPhone 8’s Camera, New Teardown Claims

As we know that the latest iPhone released in 2020, the iPhone SE has created a great hype in the gadget world. There are many pros of the phone released by Apple and seems quite okay to buy due to its reasonable price. But to be honest, the iPhone SE shares a lot more than we thought with the iPhone 8. According to the latest Teardown of the SE by iFixit, it is seen that many parts of the SE are quite similar to the iPhone released back in 2017, including the camera.

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Before the official release of the iPhone SE, most of the rumours and Apple’s own marketing team seemed to claim that the SE’s camera module would be similar to an iPhone XR. This module would make the SE a bomber combined with the A13 Bionic chip. But unfortunately, iFixit’s teardown claims that the camera module is used in the SE in that of the iPhone 8 instead of XR. Here’s what iFixit had to say;

The sensor we found is much smaller, practically a dead ringer for the one in 2017’s iPhone 8. Best guess? This is an iPhone 8 sensor benefiting from A13 image processing magic.

Camera Comparison of iPhone 8, SE, and XR

Besides this, iFixit also claims that the camera of the iPhone SE and iPhone 8 are swappable without any technical issue. Well, at this point if you ask me, I would say the same that the modules are quite identical even if they are not exactly the same. You can have a look at your own at all the three cameras, SE, iPhone 8, and XR.

iPhone SE camera
Source: IFixit

To clarify, the iPhone SE camera is present at the left. The iPhone 8 camera is present in the middle, and the XR’s camera is placed at the right. It can be seen clearly that both the SE and 8 camera modules are quite similar, I may say identical. Still, by saying that the cameras of both the phones are same.

We don’t suggest that the SE camera’s performance isn’t any better. Of course, it is better than the iPhone 8 in terms of photography and video making. But this improvement comes due to the image processing of the phone, not because of a better camera module.

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As a conclusion, we may tey say that Apple was a bit dishonest. It is because they claimed that iPhone SE has the “Best Single-Camera System ever in an iPhone”. Because what can be seen from the teardown of the phone is quite not what Apple said. However, with time, more n more performance comparisons will keep hitting our screens. There’s a lot more than to finally conclude our thoughts regarding this phone.

Via: PitaPixel