Best TCL Smart TV Model To Buy This Year

Why buying a Smart Tv is so confusing? Smart TVs have become part of our innovatively busy lives. Individuals are purchasing smart-TVs, and the number of choices is likewise expanding. Picking a smart TV from a particularly overpowering rundown of choices may get befuddling, so we made a TCL Models Comparison that assists you with picking the best and latest Smart-TV model of 2021.

Without any doubt, we can say that the release of smart TVs in the market is truly a great innovation because they not only allow the users to access different channels throughout the world without any antenna or cable services but also play a vital role in educating, entertaining and influencing the people greatly. It permits the users to stay up-to-date at local as well as at global levels and knock off the barriers of distance and time. The importance of Smart-TVs couldn’t be negligible but the question is; Which Smart-TV brand to trust?

Making the best smart TV and selling the more smart TVs are definitely two different things. In this article, we put forward the TCL Models Comparison to make it easy for users to buy the best one. You might not be amazed after knowing that Sony is shipping more smart TVs than Samsung and TCL. But does it make the best smart TVs as wells? The answer is pretty YES. Sony is the leading Smart-Tv brand with outstanding energy efficiency and clarity but the brand also costs high for such luxuries. So we pick a dupe of Sony which is TCL that is providing more and advanced features at a low price.

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Is TCL worth the investment?

TCL has proved itself in the electronic world and is better known for providing innovative technologies at low rates. Additionally, it has become the world’s 2nd largest Smart-TV selling brand because customer satisfaction is elevating day by day.  There are a few specs that you must have checked before making any buying decision either for TCL or any other brand. For instance, Processor and RAM, User Interface (UI), Operating System (OS), Display, Picture quality, and most importantly price.

TCL Models Comparison

1: TCL 65″ S435 4K UHD HDR SMART ROKU TV-4 series

TCL 65S435 TV is a well-built and versatile TV model with advanced features. It offers 4K Ultra HD resolution, 100% color volume, a simple home screen, and a TV tuner guide for ease of tuning. With HDR technology, you can enjoy streaming in a more diverse and vibrant color range. It provides easy connectivity due to various built-in ports such as 4 HDMI ports.

It also has an exceptional feature of in-built apps that includes Netflix, Amazon, Youtube, Hulu, Prime Video, and over 700 other apps as well. Most amazingly, this smart TV comes with hands-free voice control 2.0 and a remote with One Click Button for Netflix, Google assistant, and other related apps.

With a 64.5″ display screen and dual WiFi band, it keeps the users entertained for a long time. The sleek design, light-weight, IR, Bluetooth Remote connectivity, and of course LED display technology are the other appealing features of this TV. Although this TCL model is quite expensive around $699.99 but surely worth every penny.


  • Energy-efficient
  • Smartphone connectivity
  • Easy-to-use Interface
  • Exceptional picture quality
  • Large app libraries
  • 1-year warranty


  • Expensive
  • Less durable

2: 65″S535 4K UHD Dolby Vision HDR QLED Roku Smart TV-5 series

Here comes another luxurious model of TCL which is fully featured and provides an immersive experience to users. It supported Quantum Dot technology for premium picture quality, so even speedy scenes look crisper and smoother without any blurring. This smart TV also has Dolby’s vision to give a theatre view with unbelievable contrast, brightness, and other details.

The 65S535 model allows the users to interact with their smart TV through hands-free voice control 2.0 which is much easy for users to change the channel and discover other streaming options. With Google Assistant, users can make voice calls easily with just a click. The HDR Pro pack optimizes every scene more brightly and clearly.

Last and more importantly, the remote design is sleek and contains half the number of buttons as the traditional ones. This model is a bit expensive than the upper one $899.99 and from other leading brands too.  


  • High-definition
  • Video call camera
  • Smart QLED


  • Limited gaming features
  • Speakers are lacking bass

3: 65″ R635 4K UHD Dolby Vision HDR QLED Roku Smart TV-6 series

Another easy recommendation among TCL models with aggressive prices is 65r635. It supports Quantum Dot technology and HDR with Dolby vision. This offers a functional design that facilitates the users to stay focused and avoid blurred images. The Mini LED technology gives an incredible entertainment experience along with HDR to elevate the scenes to the next level.

So enjoy the Netflix series, youtube on your smart Tv with voice search. With micro-dimming, it adjusts the light during the dark and comforts the users. And above all, the most appealing feature is its price. It just cost around $1299.99.


  • Sleek design
  • Good Clarity
  • Exceptional audio sound
  • Streaming options


  • Less reliable

Final Thoughts

TCL Smart TV is a budget-friendly option with endless advanced features. The brand is elevating the technology with the passing days and offers good customer service. TCL promises good picture quality and impressive brightness with a wide range of colors. The user interface of TCL TV is user-friendly and graphically more intense. So without wasting any time, TCL smart TV is definitely a good option when it comes to Budget.