Best Wireless Home Theatre Speakers To Buy This Year

Self-love and music? But what comes first to mind while buying a wireless home theatre speaker? Of course, the sound quality, features, design, wireless connectivity, portability, and price. In the 21st century where every generation relies on music for events, and celebrations, and every person has a different taste and meaning for music. Wireless home speakers are gaining popularity in today’s market and making a huge purchases worldwide. It’s an obvious fact that wireless speakers are far more convenient as you don’t need to come out of your comfort zone. The wireless speaker is the compact and ideal choice that deals with multiple executions in a budget-friendly way.

Not surprisingly, with wireless sound systems, you don’t need to deal with awful-looking wires while setting a system at your home. Hundreds of wireless speaker options are available in the market and you can choose the best one according to your music taste and budget. Despite so many options in the market, there always remains a fear to get the dupe of the original one. It is very much essential to properly check and verify the product before making a purchase.

The wireless sound system could offer the greatest possible level of joy anytime and anywhere. You want great sound quality whether you’re watching films, listening to music, or in any event. This is not a dream anymore! The quality of sound, convenience, and design makes the wireless home theatre speakers ideal for today’s generation. You can place the speakers anywhere without considering the existing wires.

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1. Roku Streambar Media Player & Premium Audio

One solution for a wireless speaker is offered by Rocketfish to enjoy groundbreaking amusement with HD 4K streaming. Its built-in amplification feature allows the users to pop up via Bluetooth, USB, and HDMI connectivity. The compact modular design not only makes it practical for use but also gives control to compatible smartphone devices.

Watch what you want and enjoy a full surround sound experience with free endless streaming options, sharp resolution, and striking color optimization for any Smart TV. With Roku voice control, you can easily control the volume, play the streaming and search other entertainment options quickly. The user-friendly interface and speech clarity makes it easy for users to hear and surely add richer bass to your music.

This smart speaker would give a cinematic experience because of the Dolby Audio feature. You might be amazed after knowing that Roku automatically optimizes the sound of loud commercials and night music so as not to disturb other members. Additionally, it works best with voice assistant, and don’t mess up with wireless connectivity it doesn’t mean No unsightly wires, they do have a cable to the plugin. I found this model quite striking, the design is so simplified with enough clearance and deep bass sound.


  • Premium audio
  • Quick plug and play
  • Endless streaming options


  • Connectivity issues with Roku app
  • Overall slow response
  • A glitchy and buzzing sound

2: Polk Audio MagniFi Max SR

Did you heard about Polk  Audio  MagniFi   MAX  SR  Soundbar??  Another great option to consider is because it comes with a wireless subwoofer and  2 surround speakers. The smart, long, and slender speaker work by plugging in the power outlet without connecting additional wires. The buttons include Power, Bluetooth, volume adjustment, and mute flashes while making changes like turning up or down the volume,  changing channels, etc.  The two speakers with the soundbar are almost the same with specific left and right, so you need to place them at the correct positions.

The remote is specifically designed for this speaker and can’t be used to control other devices. During inactivity, the auto-off timer turns the bar down to save power. This Polk Audio Soundbar provides an immersive sound and iconic entertainment experience due to the Stereo Dimensional Array sound technology.

With the customize voice levels, you can’t even miss a single word of any TV show, movie, or others. This wall-mounted speaker is a considerable option to buy at the price of $. For everyday use, this system is a huge upgrade (especially because of Chromecast support) over other speakers that are built into LED screens.


  • Customization options
  • Easy to set up the system
  • More dynamic sound
  • Built-in Chromecast


  • Long design
  • Atmos-not supported

3: Vizio SB362An-F6 Soundbar

Isn’t it just like a Toblerone? Vizio SB362An-F6 is an innovative soundbar with two built-in subwoofers that deliver sound bass with versatility. The Vizio speaker is equipped with multiple features and a reasonable price but still costs more than the average speaker. No doubt, the soundbar has a sleek and stylish design with alluring curves and comes in black color. The beauty of this sound system is the 2 EQ modes that enable to switch back and forth between music and movie. The LED indicator makes it easy for the users to check which volume bass they are at.

According to Vizio, the built-in speakers placed near the wall mount deliver down to 50 Hz frequencies and can be hung on the wall or laid down under the TV. It supports Dolby, DTS, and DTS virtual X which works really well in simulating the sound coming from the surroundings. It is mostly covered in a cloth with a glossy finish to release the air out for more efficient working.

Features aside, what makes me surprised the most is the price of Vizio speakers. This kind is amazing how they deliver this much quality of sound at such a reasonable price. It gives dynamic sound with dialogue clarity that the cheap speaker version lacks. So if you want to spend money on a sound system, you should place this model first.


  • Exceptional sound quality
  • Budget-friendly
  • Sleek design
  • Auto-timer off
  • Customizable


  • LED display is a bit hard to understand
  • No external woofers

Final Verdict

Of course, you can spend hundreds and thousands of money on soundbars for more dynamic music, deep bass, and cinematic entertainment. But if you select wisely, some gems available in the market can save your wallet. These three soundbars discussed over are worth every penny and personally, I really want the Vizio one for myself. It’s hitting the other brands and smashing the success.