Konami Has Entered the Race of Making Gaming PCs

If you have played the game titles like Pro Evolution Soccer (PES), Metal Gear Solid & Silent Hill. Then you surely would have heard the name Konami. Konami is a well-known Japanese Game Developer Company that now has decided to manufacture Gaming PCs too. Moreover, the Company has set the 3 Models of its Gaming Pcs for preorder. Which are expected to be delivered somewhere in September.

Those 3 Models are the Arespear C300, Arespear C700, and Arespear C700+. But you know what.? These PCs are ridiculously expensive. C300 would cost gamers approximately $1,761, and C700 would cost $3,019. Similarly, C700+ will cost approximately $3,228. I personally would never spend that amount in double just on the name of Konami. Even I can build 2 Gaming PCs in this price range having the same specs.

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Source: KONAMI official

Konami Gaming PCs

Arespear C300

C300 is an entry-level model and enough for gaming at 1080p resolution. Packed with Intel’s Core i5 9400F, GTX 1660 GPU, 8 GB of DDR4 Ram, and 512 GB Storage. As mentioned above, it stands at a price tag of $1,761.

Arespear C700

This $3000 machine is packed with Intel’s Core i7 9700, RTX 2070 Super GPU, 16 GB of DDR4 Ram, and 1 TB of Storage. It’s good enough to play high-end games on this machine. But still, the price tag is a big question mark.

Arespear C700+

Specification wise, its similar to C700 like Core i7 9700, RTX 2070 Super, 16GB DDR 4 Ram, and 1 TB of Storage. But the difference of $200 is because of the side glass panel and RGB features. So, it stands at a price tag of $3200.

To be honest, what the hell is wrong with Konami.? Who will buy these overpriced machines.? They should restructure their pricing strategies if they really want Konami Gaming PCs for the long term in the market. I am aware of the extra amount to be charged with Branded Machines. But this difference of thousands of Dollars is totally out of track.

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