Apple Google and Amazon team up to Develop Open-source Smart Home Standard

Apple, Google, and Amazon are finally teaming up to develop an open-source Smart Home Standard. This news was publicized on 18th December 2019. To build a smart home standard is to ensure that the devices work together, make the growth of new devices easier, and keep everything protected in the progression.

This project means that whether whatever smartphone or voice assistant you are using, any supported smart home device you buy will function in your home. The companies together write;

Customers can be confident that their device of choice will work in their home and that they will be able to setup and control it with their preferred system.

You’ll be able to “choose between Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri or other platforms.


Detailed Information about Apple, Google and Amazon team up

Apple, Google, and Amazon have support from the large smart home industry. These three tech giants are forming a group called “Project Connected Home over IP”. Zigbee Alliance- the maker of another smart home protocol and its many board members including Ikea, Samsung SmartThings, and the Signify will also be joined in the group.

Technology from three of the companies’ smart home systems-Google’s Weave, Apple’s HomeKit, and Amazons Alexa will be backed to the new standard. They might release an initial draft in “late 2020”. Google claims that the system will reduce costs and simplify product development “by giving them one standard for building their products.”

Interestingly, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-the already existing connectivity protocols will work with the standard.  The group says that devices will support Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Thread for the standard to work with the system at all. The standard will also be based around Internet Protocol (IP). This means the process of getting messages from one place to another will be simplified by relying on a well-known protocol and not just all devices will connect directly to the internet. The group says that it is perfect for sending messages from a smart home device to “another service or app” with end-to-encryption and security.

According to CNBC, Project Connected Home over IP will emphasis physical safety devices such as door locks, smoke alarms, and smart plugs, etc. with other consumer devices upcoming down the line.

Via: The Verge