Core Web Vitals – A Google Tools to Analyze Website Performance

Google no doubt has an eye over the fact that Web Development is becoming a valuable field of its time. To make it more feature-rich, the Chrome Team has decided to introduce “Core Web Vitals“. A chrome extension that provides guidance to improve the performance and user experience of the website.

For making relevant improvements, Google has already introduced a number of tools and extensions for developers to analyze the performance of their websites. Like PageSpeed Insights, Chrome DevTools, Search Console’s Speed Report, and Lighthouse. But Core Web Vitals includes the matrics that matter a lot for developers.

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Core Web Vitals

Web Vitals provides Web-Developers or Website Owners a set of matrics that keep the track record of factors a developer can examine to improve the quality of a website. Vitals are based on loading, interactivity, and visual stability of a web page. Let’s have a look at the methods in which they operate.

Core Web Vitals


It stands for Largest Contentful Paint and measures the Page Load Time.


It stands for First Input Delay and measures user experience when they visit the site.


It Stands for Cumulative Layout Shift and measures the visual stability of a website.

Apart from that, Web-Developers will have certain options to analyze each Core Web Vital in JavaScript using web APIs and to report on that core without any code. It also has compatibility to track, load, and match, its data with the existing Google Tools respectively.

Google further confirmed that Core Web Vitals will receive annual updates based on needs and improvements. Finally, I would say that It’s really a great set of implementations by Google that allows site owners to have statistics of what’s happening on their websites.

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