Amazon announces Exceptional Updates for its Fire HD 8 Tablets

Amazon has announced updates for its Fire HD 8 line of tablets yesterday. The tablets that have got the latest updates include Fire HD 8, Fire HD 8 Plus, and a Fire HD 8 Kids Edition. The updates have added in a faster processor, more internal space and memory, and also a USB-C charging in the tablets.

These updates where totally unexpected as the 8-inch tablet from Amazon hasn’t had a satisfactory update in the past years. The most interesting update we’ve seen among these tablets is that the Fire HD 8 Plus model offer even greater RAM. It also features Qi wireless charging.

Fire HD 8 Specs

First, let’s talk about the specs of the basic Amazon Fire HD 8 model. We can see a great boost in the specs of this tablet from the specs before of the previous tablet. The RAM of the HD 8 tablet has increased to 2 GB from the 2018 version which had 1.5 GB RAM. Also, Amazon claims that the tablet is 30% faster from the previous one. It is because the processor has jumped up from 1.3GHz to a 2.0GHz quad-core chip which makes the tablet’s performance quite better from before.

Storage choices are between two, either 32GB or 64GB. You can also add up extra memory of up to 1TB through a microSD card. Before this, the maximum limit for expandable storage through a microSD card was 400GB. The display is, however, still the same. It is an 8-inch tablet 1200 x 800 panel. The battery life is also almost as same as before. You can use the tablet for up to 12 hours. But thanks to the USB-C charging, the tablet will be able to charge faster.

Amazon HD 8

These updates are quite similar to the ones HD 10 had last year, with a greater processor and better battery life. The price of the Amazon HD 8 base model is $79.99, although there also a limited time two-pack bundle offer for $159.99.

The Plus Model Specs

Apart from the base Amazon tablet model, there is also a newer and better tablet model named as the Fire HD 8 Plus. It costs at $109.99, $20 more than the regular version. The price upgrade is basically due to the increase in processor RAM from 2 GB to 3GB. Also the Plus model adds up a Qi wireless charging that is the first-ever for any Amazon hardware. Other specs include a faster and more valuable 9W charger present in the box along with free 6 months of unlimited Kindle service.

Amazon HD 8 Plus

Amazon is also offering a special bundle for the HD 8 Plus model named as “Made for Amazon Wireless Charging Dock” at $139.99. The charging dock is designed by Angreat, a company that makes USB-C type chargers for Amazon. Although you can use any Qi charger with the HD 8 Plus tablet. But Angreat’s charger is well, specifically designed for Amazon’s tablets.

Fire HD 8 Kids Edition

Finally, there is also a kids edition for the Fire HD 8 tablet. It cost $139.99 and is same as the standard HD 8 model, but the only difference is of an additional Amazon’s colourful “Kid-Proof Case”. Other than that, The Fire HD 8 Kids Edition comes with an absolutely free year of Amazon’s FreeTime Service managing content and parental controls. Also, the HD 8 kids edition tablet offers a 2-year extended replacement program.

Amazon HD 8 Kids Edition

All the three models of Amazon HD 8 tablets can be preordered at All the models are expected to skip from the 3rd of July.

Via: The Verge