The Best RGB Mouse Pad You Can Buy This Year

That long journey from having a simple mouse pad to a gaming mouse pad and now to the RGB gaming mouse pad remained pretty impressive. Because it tells us whole a lot about the development phases of game industry. So, if you own a decent gaming mouse, then you must own a decent mouse pad too. Decent not in terms of quality and performance only, but also in looks.

While for the better looks, there is no better option available than RGB mouse pads. Because having a complete RGB setup like RGB keyboards, mice, gaming case, and gaming desks has become a solid trend. So what if I share a detailed list of best RGB pads with you people from reputable brands.? It will surely save your valuable time in searching for them. Let’s have a look into that list,

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Best RGB Mouse Pad 2020

Corsair RGB Mouse Pad – MM800 Polaris

Corsair RGB Mouse Pad
Image: Corsair

MM800 is still among some of the best RGB gaming mouse pads by Corsair. It features 15 beautiful glowing RGB color modes that are customizable too. While in order to match the beauty of colors, there is a built-in USB port for your gaming mouse to connect with. If we talk about the quality and performance factors, corsair offers low friction micro-texture surface in MM800. It enables smooth mouse running while gaming that will never let you feel any difficulty. To avail of the further RGB features, you can get the iCUE software which will provide you with the full options of adjusting your lighting patterns.


  • Large Size (350mm x 260mm x 5mm)
  • No Compromise Over Quality
  • PWM Lighting Technology
  • iCUE Software Support


  • Rubber Smell

Razer Firefly V2 Mouse Pad

Razer Firefly V2 is a great mouse pad that meets all the basic to advanced requirements of professional gamers. This beautiful looking mouse pad features 19 RGB zones that can be customized accordingly with the help of Razer’s own software (Razer Synapse 3). While the main notable point of Firefly is its extra bright lighting system that is for sure a lot more than the others. If we talk about surface, it offers Hard Micro-Textured Plastic. This hard base enables the fast movement of the mouse over the pad. Although Firefly is from Razer Brand, but if you want to have the same feeling as Steel Series QCK Prism, Firefly may be a decent option to go with.


  • Size (355 x 255 x 3mm)
  • Brightened RGB Lights
  • Small Cable Catch (For Mouse Wire)


  • Software Complex Features

HyperX Fury Ultra

Hyper Fury Ultra Mouse Pad
Image: Hyperxgaming

Another one in our today’s list is HyperX Fury Ultra Mouse Pad. It is also a quality pad to serve gamers well in terms of both the performance and looks. It features 360 Degree RGB lighting effects that visually presents the best glowing view from every angle. There are 20 customizable RGB zones in HyperX Fury Ultra. Similarly, the surface material is Hard Micro-Textured along with the anti-slip rubber base. Moreover, if you want some more related options in the RGB colors effect, you can download the official software by HyperX known as HyperX NGENUITY.


  • Medium (359.4mm x 299.4mm x 1.8m)
  • 360 Degree RGB Lighting
  • HyperX NGENUITY Software


  • Not any Notable

SteelSeries QcK Prism Mouse Pad

If we talk about brand reputation, there is no companion to SteelSeries. While if we talk specifically about the Qck Prism Mouse Pad, it is one of the best pads available in the market. Although it’s a bit pricey but the size, features, and looks are absolutely tremendous. Yup, its 3XL size is well enough for the whole gaming desk where you can also use it under your keyboard, and monitor. Glowing RGB colors from one end of the desk to another end will surely ease your eyes a great comfort. Surface material offers micro-woven cloth that is well suited for any type of mouse you own.


  • 3 XL Size
  • Micro Woven Cloth
  • Full Desk Coverage


  • Dim Lighting View from Right Side

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