The Best USB Power Strip Surge Protector You Can Buy

The traditional power strips are still a part of market, but when it comes to the matter of latest & expensive electronic gadgets people own. Nobody wants to compromise on safety-related features. So, it automatically diverts the attention of the user to pick an advanced & quality power strip that ensures maximum safety features like surge protection and quality cables. While in terms of advancement, here comes the name of the USB Power Strip that supports USB fast charging and other features.

If you really want to make sure following the full safety measures and advanced power sources for your gadgets. Like LED’s, Laptops, Desktops, Smartphones, Tablets, and other charging items. You must choose a quality product meeting your requirements accordingly well. In this regard, I have gathered a list of top quality USB Power Strips manufactured by well-known brands. Have a look at the list below and share your thoughts with us about the one you decided to go with. Let’s move forward,

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USB Power Strip

SMALLRT USB Power Strip 

Isn’t it a good idea to get a power strip having 16.4 feet long quality cable along with 5 USB ports and 12 AC outlets.? I am sure nobody will neglect this option when SMALLRT USB Power Strip offers this all in one. Not only that, the advanced surge protection, overload protection, and short circuit protection feature is also included in the power strip. The build material of this power strip is fireproof ABS plastic & PVC. When any fluctuation in voltage occurs, it will automatically cut the connection to the main power source. If we talk about technical specifications, it is compatible with gadgets having 110V-250V power i.e; 2500W maximum. While the


  • 16 Feet Long and Thick Copper Wire
  • Various USB & Outlet Power Ports
  • Surge Protection
  • Fireproof Build Material


  • Sockets Compatibility (Rare)

SUPERDANNY Surge Protection Power Strip

SuperDanny has a bunch of power strips available in the market. But I like this model pretty much than others in the same price range. This surge protection power strip features, 9.8 feet heavy-duty cable, 4 USB ports, surge protection, 6 AC Outlets, and 110-240V compatibility. The design is pretty attractive with a wooden-like finish over it. Ports are placed at an appropriate position with decent spacing. While the build material is also meeting the standards with ABS+PC fire-resistant stuff. The company uses IC technology (2.4A/port max, 2.4A in total) inside the USB ports to detect the power requirements to charge a gadget. Overall, our team A+ rating for this power strip.


  • IC Technology in USB Ports
  • Surge Protection
  • Excellent Build Quality
  • Attractive Color Finish
  • Bunch of USB Ports and Outlets


  • Not any Notable

AiJoy USB Power Strip Tower

AiJoy power strip tower is a quality product you can buy. It offers 10 feet long cord, 3 USB Ports operating on 3.1A, 12 Outlets, and 3 switches to adjust energy consumption. While the voltage compatibility is 110-240V for the products or gadgets you used to power up. There is also a LED light on the top of the tower which may be useful during the nighttime. On the protection side, it features 1050J surge protection, overload protection, lightning protection and short-circuit protection as well. Build quality is also up to standard without major compromises. SO just for $28 you could get a decent power strip for long use.


  • LED Light
  • 1050J Surge Protection
  • 2 Years Replacement Service


  • Not any Notable

Anker PowerPort Cube  

Anker manufactured this small size gadget with big features. This Power Port offers 3 USB Ports (18W), 3 Outlets (1250W), and a decent portable design. Its total size is around 2×1/2 cubic inches, really a space-friendly gadget we can say. For the USB devices or gadgets, the company adopted PowerIQ technology that can charge devices accordingly well. The default cable length is 5 feet and made up of superior quality copper. Surge Protection along with overload protection, short circuit protection, and fire protection are its notable safety features.


  • Space Friendly Size
  • All Safet Features Included
  • Anker PowerIQ Charging Technology


  • Slow Phone Charging

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I hope you liked the post about USB Surge Protection Power Strip. Do share it with others and make your electronic gadgets protected. You can leave feedback for us in the comments section below. Stay tuned for getting more updates on a daily basis.