Best Photo Scanner You Can Buy in 2021

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Sometimes, we have a bunch of photos saved in physical form belonging to the most memorable moments of our life. But you know what.? there is always a question on how to keep these photos safe & secured.? Because children at home may tear them into pieces or you may lose the album somewhere else. So, the only reliable solution here is to scan & save these photos into digital form.

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While to do so, one needs to have a decent photo scanner. These photo scanners own a variety of features that can scan and optimize photos in a more enhanced form. Today, I have gathered a list of some best-performing photo scanners. Each of them owns a number of great features that can really change the quality of photos in a better way. Let’s move forward and discuss them in detail,

Best Photo Scanner

1: Plustek Photo Scanner – Ephoto Z300

If you are searching for something tremendous in the scanner category, then Plustek Photo Scanner is absolutely a great choice to go with. It features an optical resolution of 600 dpi (300dpi too) & compatible with scanning photos of sizes 3×5, 4×6, 5×7, 8×10.

If we talk about the performance of this scanner, simply insert the photos into it and start scanning them. Moreover, Plustek Scanner is pretty fast where it takes 2 seconds for one 4×6 photo and 5 seconds for one 8×10 size photo at 300dpi.

Another notable point of this scanner is its feature of adjusting and enhancing the picture quality. It can repair and improve the photo with advanced editing options. The device is compatible with both Windows and MAC systems.


  • Enhancement of Picture Quality
  • Multiple Photo Size Compatibility
  • Easy to Use
  • Fast Scanning Speed


  • Poor Performance After Some Months

2: Epson Perfection V39 Scanner

Well, Epson is a name that owns a good reputation as a reliable brand in the market. Epson Perfection V39 Scanner offers an optical resolution of 4800 dpi, high-speed scanning, and can restore the quality of pictures into ultra enhanced form.

There is a number of editing and restoration options included in its software. Moreover, the scanner is easy to use, simply use the scanning buttons with relevant options to scan anything. You can save scanned photo data directly into your Google Drive and Cloud.

To utilize this feature, you can use the company’s official software. Perfection V39 is not just a photo scanner but a document scanner too. Yup, you can get 2 in 1 feature with this amazing scanning device. You can also edit the scanned documents accordingly.


  • Various Restoration Options
  • Document Scanner Too
  • Fast Speed Scanning
  • Excellent Photo Enhancement
  • Portable Scanner


  • Scanning Stuck in Middle (Rarely)

3: Magnasonic All-in-One

A bit heavier but totally a feature-rich scanner. Exactly yes, Magnasonic All-in-One is the best photo scanner, document scanners, and film scanner. It features 14 Mp of the resolution, fast speed scanning, high-quality scanning, and SD card (4GB) storage options.

Using this scanner you can easily get, 4×6 photos, 35mm/110/126 film, and 135 slides into 14MP resolution digital JPEG files. Moreover, there is also a 2.4 inches color LCD screen on this scanner along with a number of related buttons.

The main notable feature of this scanner is its operations without computer connectivity or software. Yup, you don’t need to have any computer or laptop connectivity to operate this scanner. So, getting this decent gadget for your scanning activities is not a bad option.


  • All in One
  • 14 MP Resolution
  • Colorful LCD Screen
  • Internal Storage
  • No PC/Laptop Needed for Connectivity


  • Not any Notable

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