Best Wireless Charging Mouse Pad You Can Buy This Year

Well in actuality, nobody wants to waste space on their computer desk. Because space management may be a serious concern for many gamers. While if we talk specifically about the mouse pad, it alone takes a huge space just as a mat. But what if technology makes it possible to utilize a mouse pad more than a mouse pad.? Where people can utilize their mouse pad for wireless charging of gadgets like smartphones.

Fortunately, technology has successfully made this possible, and a number of reputable brands have manufactured mouse pads that feature wireless charging technology. These pads feature universal compatibility, Qi technology, Temperature Management System, and Over Charge Management System. Today, I have gathered a list of the best model charging mouse pads, have a look at them and choose your favourite.

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Wireless Charging Mouse Pad 2021

1: GIM RGB Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

It is an RGB Mouse Pad that features a Qi-enabled 10W wireless fast charger, 800x300x4mm size, 4mm thick, non-slippery base, fast control system, and unique looking design. It is compatible with all the phones that support wireless charging.

GIM charging mouse pad offers, 10 lighting modes with 7 static and 3 dynamics. Apart from that, the surface is pretty smooth and responsive that works according to the comfort level of the mouse.

If we talk about the control system, users can easily switch in between the lighting modes just with a single touch. No drivers are required to function its features just power it with a USB cable and that’s all.


  • Fast Wireless Charging
  • Universal Compatibility
  • RGB Features and Modes
  • Smooth and Responsive Base


  • Charging Issues with Some Phones

2: i-Rocks Wireless Charging Pad

Well, i-Rocks did not manufacture a premium quality pad by name only. But it also owns those features in real where the user will get the extra-large size, waterproof surface, 10 colours eye-catchy effects, and non-slip thick rubber base.

Similarly, if we talk about the charging features, it owns a 10W fast wireless charger that is universally compatible with all the supported devices. It is Qi-enabled and is able to control the over-charging and over-heating issues pretty well.

Talking about the design, it will surely attract your eyes towards it. As the company used a quality fabric on the surface, this charging mouse pad is claimed to be a decent option for professional gamers.


  • Extra Large Size
  • Quality Fabric
  • 10W Fast Charging
  • Waterproof


  • Not any Notable

3: Soft Foot RGB Wireless Charging MousePad

Soft Foot Charging Mouse Pad is more than enough to handle both your keyboard and mouse. While its charging features are also up to the required standard, where it provides fast charging owning universal compatibility and Qi technology.

Moreover, this wireless charging mouse pad also features a waterproof surface, over-charging, overheating control, one-touch functionality, 10 Lighting Modes, a thick base, and pretty responsive mouse performance.

The company chooses the design and built- material in such a way that it looks pretty beautiful and can be folded when needed. It requires no drivers to control functionality, directly use it through a USB cable.


  • Quality Charging Features
  • Waterproof
  • Various Lighting Modes
  • Easy to Use Features


  • Not a Really Fast Wireless Charging

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