Russian Cows are wearing VR Glasses to Produce More Milk

To be frank, Cows in Russia now a days are getting more advanced. Cows Union is on a stance of adopting the new trends of technology. I know you will be thinking about what I am trying to say. I am just saying that if you want more production of milk, then fit VR Glasses on your cows. Seriously yes, fit them with VR Glasses and see the magic in milk production.

According to the report of Moscow Times, a number of Dairy Farmers in Russia use “Cows VR Goggles” to improve the quantity of milk in return. While if you get a chance to visit RusMoloko Dairy Farm in Russia. You will be amazed to see that every cow has worn a VR Headset there. You will surely think yourself in a futuristic world where everything is possible.

VR Glasses

How Cows VR Glasses Works.?

I hope, cows don’t play games or watch movies in VR as we do. Then how this mechanism works.? Actually, these VR Glasses are specially made for dairy cows to get them into a relaxed mood. Which in return has a positive impact on their quantity & quality of milk production.

A team of VR Developers in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture Moscow make “VR Goggles” for cows. Then they conducted a test and got successful results with a notable improvement in the production of milk. Pictures that got viral on media has left everyone shocked about this logic.

Other than that, Medical Research also agrees on this point that when an animal is mentally and emotionally relaxed. It will result in more quality and quantity. Farming Industry will get an opportunity to level up their contribution to the business industry.

Future of Dairy Industry:

Dairy Industry no doubt has a major contribution to level up the economic scale of any country. Because it creates various employment opportunities for a vast majority of people belonging to this sector. While the Cost of Production in Dairy field is also acceptable for most among them.

Government Authorities must focus on bringing up this sector in combination with technological tactics. Further updates regarding the use of VR Glasses on cows are still pending. I will update the post soon with more related information. I hope other farmers will also adopt this technique.

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