Foldable iPhone – Apple filed a Patent having folding display

Apple Company no doubt has a strong position in the tech market. While they usually do not care about what their competitors are doing. They just follow their own plans and criteria as Market Kings do. But this time, the moving trend towards foldable smartphones is forcing Apple to keep an eye over it. In short, we may expect future iPhones coming with a new title called Foldable iPhone or Apple iFold.

According to the US Patent & Trademark Office, Apple has filed a patent having a mentioned title “Electronic Devices with Flexible Displays and Hinges“. Which is clearly indicating future iPhones towards flexible or folding displays. Currently, we have Samsung, Motorola & Huawei brands working on the Foldable Smartphones. So in the near future, we may have the folding phones by Apple too.

Foldable iPhone:

You can also get the relevant details of that filed patent from the official website of the US Patent & Trademark Office. Which is clearly explaining each and every mechanism of the folding & unfolding concepts of expected Foldable iPhone.

Foldable iPhone

“An electronic device may have a flexible display that overlaps an axis. The display may be supported by a housing. The housing may have a first and second portion that rotate relative to each other about the axis. Housing may be placed in an unfolded configuration to support the display in a planar state. The housing may also be placed in a folded configuration by rotating first and second portions relative to each other. A hinge mechanism may be used to ensure adequate separation between the first and second portions when the housing is bent. Movable flaps may be retracted when the housing is bent to create room for a bent portion of the display.

Filed Patent on US Patent & Trade Mark Office.

My Own thought

If this amazing concept turns out into a reality. It definitely would be a revolution in the smartphone industry. Because the folding phone by Apple would be the most attractive phone than all the others. To be honest, when I imagine the Foldable iPhone my heart starts beating fast because it tastes me really good. Other than that, I already have mentioned in one of my previous articles that future trends will move towards folding phones. So this may be breaking news with so many concerns for competitors that Apple is making a debut in the war of foldable phones.

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