TCL is Working on a Smartphone having Slide-out Display

According to the leaked images published by CNET, TCL is working on a new smartphone with a slide-out display. The leaked images show that the TCL smartphone seems to work like an extendable dining table. Different from the foldable devices like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip or Motorola Razr, this smartphone has a second display. This second display slides out from underneath the first. TCL was planning to show off the phone at Mobile World Congress which was due on Feb 24-27. But unfortunately, the trade show was canceled over coronavirus fears.

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The leaked images reveal a very captivating picture of what the device could be and what specs will it carry. But with these factors, they also raise more questions than they answer. For instance, the device’s screen expands continuously from one edge to another. This raises the question of where the screen goes when the device is unexpanded. If I were to answer, then I guess the second screen folds behind the first screen. But if it is so, it means that the screen has to bend very sharply in order to fit inside the smartphone’s housing size.

The smartphone’s design also suggests that maybe half of the phone will be left empty when the screen is expanded. Because it should be able to fit while the device is in its more compact style.

TCL smartphone

TCL Smartphone Release Time

To people who are thinking that the device is going to release soon just because TCL was showing off this smartphone at MWC, then you’re wrong. It means, the TCL smartphone is nowhere close to release because TCL has shown its prototype foldable devices at a couple of different shows, but it’s yet to announce a user-ready product.

Last year at MWC, TCL had a foldable device to show off. But it was so delicate that even TCL’s own staff was warned from touching it. After that, the TCL Company was willing to let people fold its prototype at the CES earlier this year, but it is “taking too much time” when it comes to actually releasing a foldable smartphone. 

Regardless of when the device is set to release, these leaked images suggest that TCL is not done experimenting with the new form-factors. Whether it is a smartphone that folds to become more compact, or a tablet-sized device that folds down to become the size of a smartphone, or a smartphone that folds more than once, no one can tell what the company is up to at the moment.

Source: The Verge