How to Wash Face Mask – Is it Right to do So.?

The post includes a detailed discussion over How to wash N95, KN95 and Cloth made Face Mask. As well as washing impacts on its effectiveness.

I hope you all know the reason behind why Face Mask is the most highlighted word nowadays. It’s because of Pandemic for sure that has taken millions to the mouth of death. Health Control Authorities on a regular basis are setting precautionary measures to follow. Wearing a face mask is one among them. As it stops viruses and bacteria from directly entering the mouth and stops its spreading to others.

But have you ever thought about the life span of a Face Mask.? Or a period of its effectiveness to stop health hazards from entering the mouth.? You must start thinking if not yet. Because the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), has recommended usage of face mask no more than once. While the life span of quality face masks like N95 or KN95 is only 8 hours. After that, it will not be able to fight against infectious stuff anymore.

How to Wash Face Mask

Well, I obey these recommendations for sure but again, have you ever thought about the availability of these masks nowadays.? Moreover, does the current price tag is affordable for all during this crisis.? Absolutely not, the excessive demand for a face mask has lead the situation to a severe shortage and an increase in price. On the other end, we also have to fight against the pandemic.

Then what is the possible solution to manage the issue.? The first point that comes into mind is its reuse. While the second option we may go with is using a cloth made face mask. Yup, reusing a face mask after washing is a good strategy. Or we may use a cloth made face mask to manage its cost. So, Let’s discuss how to wash a face mask.? How it impacts its effectiveness.? Should we wash it or not.?

Before scrolling down, Have a look at these 2 points to make sure a proper mechanism of using your face mask

  • First of all, keep your hands washed properly before and after touching your face mask.
  • Secondly, Keep your face mask isolated, in other words, keep it away from others.

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How to Wash a Face Mask.?

If we talk about washing N95 & KN95 face masks. Experts generally don’t recommend it. But as I discussed earlier that the current circumstances are out of control so washing these masks is allowed with certain precautions to follow.

So, if you are thinking about washing your N95 & KN95 face mask. Keep Hydrogen Peroxide Vaporization (HPV) at home. As it is now recommended by the FDA, it can be used to recycle your face masks for further use.

The second formula is UV treatment, Keep in mind that this method of washing face masks is not allowed to perform at home. Only hospitals and other related authorities are recommended to perform UV treatment of face masks.

Moist or Dry Heat is another formula you can adopt to wash your face mask. Giving heat to mask for nearly 30 minutes can disinfect it properly by killing germs and bacteria over it.

Don’t ever try to wash N95 & KN95 with detergents, bleach, or any other thing. It will tear out the filters that function to stop germs from entering through it. As a result, these masks will lose their effectiveness

How to Wash Cloth Made Face Masks.?

As cloth made masks are not an absolute solution to stop germs from entering the mouth. But at least, they minimize the risk of their entrance. So, I don’t know why, but I found using a cloth made face mask an appropriate solution to all.

It’s budget-friendly, even you can make them at home with some clean clothes. As well as you can wash them generally without any solid precautions. Like, you can wash a cloth made face mask in the washing machine, with your hands or any other way.

You can use any type of detergent or soap to do so. But make sure to wash these masks every time after you wear them. As a result, it may avoid you from the tension of arranging the other surgical face masks, especially when they are out from stores.

After washing, hang them to a clean and sunny place. Make sure to wash your hands before and after touching the cloth made mask. While one more important thing that, try to choose a type of cloth having some resemblance with surgical mask material. Else you may feel breathtaking issues by wearing them.

How to Wash Face Mask


Washing face masks generally are not recommended, but because of shortage and high price. You can wash them following expert-recommended formulas. Although it has an impact on the protection performance of these masks but the current situation demands so. Cloth made face masks are also an option, which is a solution to the shortage as well as can be washed frequently too.

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