Have a look at Performance of Cellular Networks in Pakistan

From January 2020 to March 2020, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) conducted a Quality Service Survey to analyze the performance of Cellular Networks in Pakistan. Authority chose 3 cities for this survey, including Mansehra, Sheikhupura, and Gujar Khan. While we know pretty well about the network providers in Pakistan like Jazz, Ufone, Telenor, and Zong.

But results were quite unexpected because among the total 4 only Ufone stood well meeting all the performance scale. The rest of the others could not achieve that performance scale. The overall survey was based on measuring User Data Throughput, Signal Strength, and Reference Signal Receive Power. So let’s have a look into the detailed form of the survey report issued by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

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Cellular Networks Pakistan

Performance of Cellular Networks in Pakistan

User Data Throughput:

It basically describes the internet speed provided by Cellular Networks. As per standard, it should be above 256 Kbps for 3G service while should be above 2 Mb for the 4G services. Here in the conducted survey, All the operators achieved the mark for 3G services. While for 4G services, Telenor could not meet the standard of performance especially in the Mansehra side.

Signal Strength:

Well, Signal Strength criteria also rely on two factors, one for 3G ( and other for 4G. Received Signal Code Power (RSCP) relates to 3G service and Reference Signal Receive Power (RSRP). So here in the survey, all the operators met the signal strength graph for 3G services i.e, -100 dBm with 90 percent confidence. But for 4G services, no other network except Ufone could achieve the confidence above 90 percent.

Voice Quality:

To analyze the voice quality of cellular networks some factors are measured accordingly. Like Down Time, Grade of Service, Service Accessibility, Call Connection Time, Call Completion Ratio, End-to-End Speech Quality and Session Abnormal Release Rate. fortunately, all the networks Jazz, Ufone, Telenor and Zong met the given standard of Voice Quality Test.

Call Connection Time:

It is the time between dialing the phone number and hearing the ring tone in return. So for the Call Connection Time, Telenor and Zong resulted a bit slower with the time difference of 6.5 seconds in Sheikhupura and Mansehra side. Ufone and Jazz on the other end met the criteria well enough.

So from the overall survey, Telenor remained under the line of quality parameters. While Jazz and Zong also failed to meet the standard of performance in some measurements. Only Ufone could succeed in achieving every indicator of Quality Service. Do share your feedback with us about the performance scale of cellular networks in Pakistan.

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